Hola Blogees.
This is my fresh/new/shiny/perky/smart/funny/stylish blog.  Or something like that.
Really it is a place for me to share my ramblings.  Day to day my mind fills with thoughts that I feel are just SO IMPORTANT!  [examples include: how certain people look more bird than human, why dancing with no skill is much more fun than dancing well (new dance tips included) and hilarious jokes that have kept me laughing days later which are likely not funny at all to anyone but myself…]  Now, realistically speaking…said thoughts are not all that important, but the awareness of their unimportance does not release me of my desire to share them.
Thus, this blog is formed.
I am recycling the title from my travel blog I kept while in Costa Rica.  I hope this too fills with tales of adventure and whimsy.
❤ besos

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