the rules

Yes yes yes.  The rules.
There are many rules in the world of blogging. Well, really there are surprisingly few rules at all, but I am making some up and listing them here.
1. keep it positive.  There is a whole lotta poopoo in the world today.  I love the news, I listen/read/watch it daily and have many opinions on many issues.  This is not the place for those to be shared.  If I spend my time re-reflecting on each piece or worrisome news and writing about it, I will simply go crazy.  And this blog is not the place for that.  If I do go crazy, I have already decided it should occur someplace warm; so I can wander around, survive off of stolen cotton candy from children and sleep cozily under a sun-soaked boardwalk.  Anyways, these topics are important, but they are also personal and a light-hearted blog is not the platform to push opinions on them.
2.  if possible, add a visual.  Words are great.  They express so much, but sometimes the ojos just need a little jazz.  They need some colors to stay interested.  For example, I could tell you I am excited about this new blog or I could do this:
See?  So much more effective.  Notice, I am wearing my work uniform.  A flattering combo of a giant, blue polo and some black bermuda shorts.
3.  wash your hands.  I honestly can’t think of another rule right now, but this is important.  Other people are pretty gross.  Scrub hard!

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