Box of Awesome

I organized my workstation today.  I hammered and affixed and unpacked.   Once all of the pieces came together it was time to decorate.  So I pulled out my hatbox.

My hatbox contains a mishmash of past goodies.  There are ticket stubs from concerts, museums, comedy shows, plane/train/bus rides;  there are greeting cards filled with warm and fuzzy messages; there are some old photos tucked in there too.  I’m pretty sure the photo above contains a four year old me in a sweet petticoat. [my mom has tried to explain to me that the petticoat look was “in”, but I’m pretty sure my sister and I are the only ones whose childhood photos look like they’re from Little House on the Prairie.] [I must say I kind of love it especially since scenes from the book On the Banks of Plum Creek was my reoccurring daydream growing up.]

I love this box.  I reread messages from friends and family and refelt all of the goodness each one contained.  I also got to reflect on how awesome my loved ones are.  I have one card that I’m pretty sure I will never throw out.  It was given to me for my birthday by B-Dave when we lived together in Pi Phi. There is a picture of a girl on a carousel riding a giant chicken.  It reads “Its your birthday, ride the wild chicken!”

I know it isn’t my birthday, but today, I think I will go ahead and ride the wild chicken.  And I invite you to join me.

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