God guide me through this

I heard this phrase from a friend of mine the other day.  She said that whenever she woke up worried and fretting over things she just asked God to guide her through it.  

I have had a whirlwind of a week and it is Monday before noon.

On Friday I got a call from my girlfriend saying a letter had come [she rocks and lets me have my mail sent to her house and then rocks even more to watch out for important pieces I wait for].  The letter was from the school I attend and hopefully contained the answer to my Nursing School application.


And so the celebration continued throughout the weekend [as did the celebration for James and Rachel Page, but that is another beautiful story].

So, I got in and am super jazzed.  

then i read the rest of the letter.

Background checks, drug screening, immunization tracking, cpr card, major medical insurance coverage.  

One would think that the background check and drug screening would be the tough part and the rest would be cake right?

I’m squeaky clean.  So clean in fact, it seems my immunization records disappeared from so much cleanliness.  So according to the county, my university and my school district; I am susceptible to just about everything.  Did they think my parents were crazed hippies or something? How did they believe that I had like two shots in my whole life?!  Also, I am positive that I got one particular series of vaccinations from my high school.  Where is that record?  Vanished.  

So I called my brand spankin’ new general practitioner to schedule a physical and some re-vaccinations.  They said to call them back because their computers were down.  WHAT?!  So I did.  I waited calmly [not so much] and called back just to be told that my new doc was booked up until September and the receptionist’s hands were tied.  I didn’t ask about the hands because sometimes people are into weird stuff but I just asked if I could see anyone else.  So she transferred my call and they didn’t answer.  Psch.

On top of which my insurance is changing so I was wiggin’ about when it would take effect and when I could get proof and waaahwaahwaaaah.

Then I researched a CPR class for health care providers and low and behold it is held smack dab in the middle of my workday.  Biatch.

So I was frettin.  I was wiggin.  I was boohooing.

I called my mom, I cried a little [a lot]. I soaked myself in self-pity and in a moment of need I prayed a little prayer.  Just a baby one and said ‘God, please just guide me through this.’

and you know what happened?  it worked.

Turns out my insurance coverage will likely be way better and should start up immediately.  Within the week.

And I called an urgent care and they made me an appointment with a physician.  Not only will I get a physical and all of my necessary shots, but they’re going to bill it as a doctor’s office, so I won’t pay up the hoohaw for an ‘urgent care visit’.  

Then I called  my work and I told my boss mooner that I got into nursing school and was wiggin.  She was so happy for me.  She was kind and encouraging; then she asked why I was wiggin.  I explained the scheduling issue  with the CPR class this Saturday.  She looked at the schedule and explained to me that I didn’t work this Saturday.  I had requested it off months ago.

You may be asking, why on Earth did I ask for it off?  

I have no idea.  It could have been a mix up after a trip I had planned got pushed back or maybe I knew I would want one Saturday off just for me, but whatever the reason, it is free and so am I.  

So I’m off to fill out more paperwork and deliver it to the right entities.  I may also get a coffee and walk my pup, she deserves it.  Then I’ll get tested and vaccinated and investigated galore.  But its okay.

God is guiding me through it.  As simple as that.  

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