Phew. There has been a slurry of activity in my mind lately.

The weeks leading up to nursing school have been full. I left two jobs, took out a LOT in student loans and have spent more money on books and supplies than I have ever thought imaginable.

I have hit my limit a couple of times already. I have stressed to the point of tears and some (likely imagined) chest pain.

Luckily, I have wonderful support around me. My bf has been so patient and kind, my mom overflows with confidence in me and even my former coworkers have refortified my belief in myself.

I have realized a few things during this recent emotional pin ball machine (one could call me the emotional pin ball wizard).

One is that the concept of ‘one day at a time’ will be necessary to apply each and every day.

Another is that I desperately need support from family and friends. Good thing mine rock so much ❤

And the last one I’ll mention here is that I deserve this. This will be hard, but it is foremost an investment in myself. I deserve to be invested in. These next two years will be time consuming and difficult, but I need to remember that it is a small bit of time now for so much more later.

I’m really not sure how this sounds but I’m pooped, so it will just be.

Location:Cozytown, USA

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