Well hello there.

Have I told you that you look great today?

Look at my blog, being so coy. [for those of you who do not know the exact definition of coy, but use it anyways, the definition is below]. 

[I’m saying this because I looked it up before I typed it and figure maybe others just assumed the definition as well.  We must be evidence-based people!]


I am studying for my first nursing exam.  Actually, I am taking a break from studying for my first nursing exam. I am taking a break to talk about commitment.

We are learning about Erikson’s Eight Stages of Development.  The stage for people ages 18-25 is Intimacy V. Isolation.  Success of this stage is making healthy commitments in one’s life. Commitments in relationships / work / friendships.  So, it got me thinking.  What commitments do I have in my life?  Have I made progress with my current stage of development?

The answer is INDEED!  I have committed my life to multiple things.  Very important things at that.  Here is a list of all of the things I totally commit to:

Allergy Medicine
Chai Tea

Phew! See?! I am a just crazy about commitment.  Take that Erikson!

ok.  Maybe I have more important commitments in my life, but those needn’t be mentioned on the internet.  Zoey doesn’t want to have a strong internet presence in case future employers Google her name.  Then she’ll never get a job.

[sweet thang.]

Coy: her coy demeanor is just an actarch,simperingcoquettishflirtatiouskittenish;demureshymodestbashfulreticent,diffidentself-effacingshrinkingtimid. {see Photo Above} ANTONYMS brazen.

It takes a village

And a patient one at that.

I am in Nursing School.  (booya)

I started last week (8.29.11) and have so far had three tearful meltdowns.  During these I questioned if I knew what I wanted….what I am capable of…..if I deserve this…..if I should run away….etc…..  I questioned it all!  And it was only the first week of school!!!  

I questioned so much, I was left with a little sack of putty for a brain.  I no longer knew my own name or whether or not I had showered that day [not].

Thankfully, I have a village. 

Yes, my mysterious internet friends, I have a village.

My village is filled with the coolest villagers I can imagine! Way better than the creepy (un)settlers in the M. Night Shyamalan movie.  

They range from my loving family all the way to an incredibly energetic workout instructor.  So big ups some props to the following people:

Mama / John / Whit / Dad / Tanya / Melissa / Jenna / Danae / Meghan / Kristen @TMCC / Tracy / Tuesdays / Thursdays / Carpools / Zoey / God / Bibo’s Baristas / RoomMen (they’re all dudes, so there is no point being ambiguous about it) 

Over the last week and a half these people have been encouraging, enduring long stretches of crying and mumbles, shot my brain full of endorphins, done the dishes [intentionally], shared leftover pizza [unintentionally], talked me off of metaphorical cliffs, supported my decisions and reminded me who I am and what I am capable of.

Yes indeedy, it takes a village to raise a nursing student.  Well, at least it does to raise a Courtney.  

Sometimes, life feels harder than it is and it is easy to lose perspective.  When this happens, I fail to see the color in the world.  It seems difficult and it is all in black and white.  With a solid village in place, my world is in technicolor, it is psychedelic, it is as colorful as Paul Simon’s Kodachrome photos, it is like an acid trip it has so much color!  

And I have to say, the color is definitely worth seeing.  This psychedelic world of ours is too beautiful to pass up.  

Welp, I am off to read some super cool stuff.  Until next time anonymous blog readers / babies playing on a keyboard who accidentally hit this page.