Well hello there.

Have I told you that you look great today?

Look at my blog, being so coy. [for those of you who do not know the exact definition of coy, but use it anyways, the definition is below]. 

[I’m saying this because I looked it up before I typed it and figure maybe others just assumed the definition as well.  We must be evidence-based people!]


I am studying for my first nursing exam.  Actually, I am taking a break from studying for my first nursing exam. I am taking a break to talk about commitment.

We are learning about Erikson’s Eight Stages of Development.  The stage for people ages 18-25 is Intimacy V. Isolation.  Success of this stage is making healthy commitments in one’s life. Commitments in relationships / work / friendships.  So, it got me thinking.  What commitments do I have in my life?  Have I made progress with my current stage of development?

The answer is INDEED!  I have committed my life to multiple things.  Very important things at that.  Here is a list of all of the things I totally commit to:

Allergy Medicine
Chai Tea

Phew! See?! I am a just crazy about commitment.  Take that Erikson!

ok.  Maybe I have more important commitments in my life, but those needn’t be mentioned on the internet.  Zoey doesn’t want to have a strong internet presence in case future employers Google her name.  Then she’ll never get a job.

[sweet thang.]

Coy: her coy demeanor is just an actarch,simperingcoquettishflirtatiouskittenish;demureshymodestbashfulreticent,diffidentself-effacingshrinkingtimid. {see Photo Above} ANTONYMS brazen.

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