Ooooh yo’ blog be soooo fiiiiine!

So, as it turns out, I am obsessed with blogs.  

I love them.  I love the color and personality people put into them.  And by people I generally mean creative, artistic women; because those are the blogs I read. 
If you, my blog reader (or the more likely moth flying around the abandoned computer screen), need some mind candy, here are my recommendations.  These bloggers are intelligent, funny, inspired and entertaining.  They add much more joy to the hours I spend on my computer studying.  ❤ 
The World According to Curly Girl:
“Delightfully Imperfect Living & Other Marvelous Things”
    My sister, girlfriends and I have been OBSESSED with Leigh’s art for years.  It is whimsical, honest and beautiful.  I have one of her cards framed on my desk for inspiration.  Her blog is just as good.  
See? Beautiful!!!
The Pioneer Woman : Ree Drummond
“Plowing through life in the country…One calf nut at a time.”
     This blog makes me want to move out to a big ranch, savor sunsets, cook a whole bunch, become a professional photographer, homeschool Zoey and maybe own a hound (as long as Zoey approves).  Ree recently joined the Food Network; just in the nick of time too because reading her blog daily has not been enough!  
A Beautiful Mess : Blog
     This blog is where pretty lives.  Elsie is the main blogger and has a slew of imaginative mavens contributing as well.  They post DIY projects (that I do in my mind and plan on doing when I am out of school….eventually), styling tips and more (pretty much anything you would call ‘lovely’ or ‘adorable’).  Also, her Autumn playlist is perfect. Just perfect! 
    It ends with this song, which is what I shall also end on.   ❤

Love & Housecleaning.

How do you know when you have a tolerant boyfriend?

I think I found out last night.

I watched the documentary Miss Representation [it was INCREDIBLE!!!] last night when I got home.  I finished the movie around eleven pm, caught a second wind and decided I wanted, no needed to clean my room.  

So I, a very determined and proud-feeling, female warrior, marched into the bedroom and declared my intentions to vacuum [ok ok this is not a very female warrior activity to do, but tidiness just feels goooood].  

My bf, who had just finished a long week at work, was going to bed.  He was puzzled why someone would want to clean at eleven pm.  He also seemed very sleepy.  

So I responded in a very empowered manner, bound and determined to get my way and go to sleep in a spic and span bedroom.

Now, at this point, should the roles have been reversed, I am positive I would have hidden the vacuum from him, called him a nutball and gone to bed.

This is when I realized I have a tolerant bf.
What did he do?

He just took his pillow and napped on the sofa until I was done [which turned out to be like an hour and a half later…. I got a third wind and dusted everything I could see.]

Yes indeed.  I have a tolerant boyfriend.  And a clean room.  

I love them both.

Beat Down

Why do we do it?  Why do I do it?  

Why do we put ourselves down so much?  I can find more flaws in myself and my life than if the entire population of Turkey did.

Sidenote: [props to Sarah who is in Turkey right now!]

I can give myself a soulful beatdown harder than Manny Pacquiao ever could.  And he is feisty.

And you know what? I don’t think that I am the only one.  In fact, I know that I am not the only one because I hear you do it too.  

I was at the gym the other day and overheard one girl talk about how fat she thought she was.   Her friend was next to her and instead of discussing her friends obvious body issue, she just says that she too is too fat.  Both of these women were over 5’7″.  Both were under 120 Lbs.  Guaranteed.  So not only was it upsetting to hear this girls put themselves down so falsely, but neither of them tried to support the other by telling her that she is not fat.  Who does that help?

Now clearly I know, certain things are important: we should be healthy, we should have goals, we should care about our lives progressing in a positive manner.

But if I am taking care to maintain my life in a positive direction, why am I filling my mind with negativity?

What if I were sitting with 4 year old me?  Could I have the heart to critique her by saying all of the things I say to myself in one day?  

[you are perfect just the way you are girlfriend.]
[PS you are rocking that tutu.]

No, I couldn’t.  I wouldn’t be able to sit there and tell her that she didn’t do enough in one day, that she should have pushed herself harder and harder.  I couldn’t ignore all of the good things that she accomplished and just focus on what she didn’t.  

So why do it to myself?  

Sometimes life is a little hard.  I do not need to make it harder for myself, or for anyone else for that matter.  

I don’t want to make someone else feel bad about themselves.  Let’s lift each other up.  Let’s encourage one another.  Because most of the time, we are all doing our best and just need a little support. 

So go out there, rock that tutu and run the world.  Here are some videos for good ole soulful inspiration.  

Go get ’em tigers!!!! 

¿Por que pumpkin spice latte?

So the mornings are chillier, the leaves are a-changing and Zoey isn’t quite as excited to take that first step out the front door in the morning.  

Autumn is here.
And so are the excessive comments about the PUMPKIN SPICE(D) LATTE [gasp!].
I used to love this sweet, orange concoction.  I associated it with a chilly nose, steam rising out of my cup and mittens. I savored the experience of the PSL [oh yeah, that’s some legit cup lingo].  
[it is just SO orange!]
Anyways, a couple of years ago I ordered one, the first of the season.  I anticipated a magical moment and what I got instead was a raunchy flavor.  Bitter.  Burnt.  It tasted as if Starbucks got lazy and just used canned pumpkin instead of a tasty, pumpkin-flavored goo! Needless to say, I was disappointed.  
You, my blog reading audience / cat playing with a computer mouse, must be wondering what I have done to cope with such a loss.  I will tell you.
I reaffirmed my love of Chai.  Mmmmyeah I did!  I would add a photo, but don’t need to due to the expressive nature of my love for chai.
It is as if you are smelling you childhood blankie right as it came out of the clean laundry, lovingly done by your mom.  It is like taking a Christmas Day nap in front of the fireplace and waking up to your puppy cuddling with you.  It is like combining the flavors of every favorite cookie you have ever eaten and making into a delicious beverage.  It is magic ladies and gentlemen (and cat).  Pure magic.  
Well, that is it for today.  I thought I needed to post something seasonally appropriate for October; check!  
❤ besitos