¿Por que pumpkin spice latte?

So the mornings are chillier, the leaves are a-changing and Zoey isn’t quite as excited to take that first step out the front door in the morning.  

Autumn is here.
And so are the excessive comments about the PUMPKIN SPICE(D) LATTE [gasp!].
I used to love this sweet, orange concoction.  I associated it with a chilly nose, steam rising out of my cup and mittens. I savored the experience of the PSL [oh yeah, that’s some legit cup lingo].  
[it is just SO orange!]
Anyways, a couple of years ago I ordered one, the first of the season.  I anticipated a magical moment and what I got instead was a raunchy flavor.  Bitter.  Burnt.  It tasted as if Starbucks got lazy and just used canned pumpkin instead of a tasty, pumpkin-flavored goo! Needless to say, I was disappointed.  
You, my blog reading audience / cat playing with a computer mouse, must be wondering what I have done to cope with such a loss.  I will tell you.
I reaffirmed my love of Chai.  Mmmmyeah I did!  I would add a photo, but don’t need to due to the expressive nature of my love for chai.
It is as if you are smelling you childhood blankie right as it came out of the clean laundry, lovingly done by your mom.  It is like taking a Christmas Day nap in front of the fireplace and waking up to your puppy cuddling with you.  It is like combining the flavors of every favorite cookie you have ever eaten and making into a delicious beverage.  It is magic ladies and gentlemen (and cat).  Pure magic.  
Well, that is it for today.  I thought I needed to post something seasonally appropriate for October; check!  
❤ besitos

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