Ooooh yo’ blog be soooo fiiiiine!

So, as it turns out, I am obsessed with blogs.  

I love them.  I love the color and personality people put into them.  And by people I generally mean creative, artistic women; because those are the blogs I read. 
If you, my blog reader (or the more likely moth flying around the abandoned computer screen), need some mind candy, here are my recommendations.  These bloggers are intelligent, funny, inspired and entertaining.  They add much more joy to the hours I spend on my computer studying.  ❤ 
The World According to Curly Girl:
“Delightfully Imperfect Living & Other Marvelous Things”
    My sister, girlfriends and I have been OBSESSED with Leigh’s art for years.  It is whimsical, honest and beautiful.  I have one of her cards framed on my desk for inspiration.  Her blog is just as good.  
See? Beautiful!!!
The Pioneer Woman : Ree Drummond
“Plowing through life in the country…One calf nut at a time.”
     This blog makes me want to move out to a big ranch, savor sunsets, cook a whole bunch, become a professional photographer, homeschool Zoey and maybe own a hound (as long as Zoey approves).  Ree recently joined the Food Network; just in the nick of time too because reading her blog daily has not been enough!  
A Beautiful Mess : Blog
     This blog is where pretty lives.  Elsie is the main blogger and has a slew of imaginative mavens contributing as well.  They post DIY projects (that I do in my mind and plan on doing when I am out of school….eventually), styling tips and more (pretty much anything you would call ‘lovely’ or ‘adorable’).  Also, her Autumn playlist is perfect. Just perfect! 
    It ends with this song, which is what I shall also end on.   ❤

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