Nurse Bridgid

So I just found the greatest health blog:  Nurse Bridgid.

[found here: ]

She is an advanced practice RN (which means she’s a super smarty nurse) working on the East coast.  Each entry, she addresses a health topic; it may be a seasonally relevant malady or the newest haute supplement.  She explains the basics about the topic with a cheerful tone and there are only mildly discomforting photos involved (so far, there could be some real gross ones coming).

Want to hear something weird?

(yes, I’m talking to you empty room with the abandoned computer in it…)

I am kinda hoping to see more gross photos! EEEWWwwwwww, what is HAPPENING to me?!?!  I used to cringe if a fast food commercial had too many oozing condiments in it and now I’m getting anxious for some photos of open sores?  Gross self, gross.

Alrighty, I’m off to continue searching for good vibe blogs.  I like to keep a folder on my browser filled with links to blogs I enjoy.  They make for a great study break and I check some right when I wake up in the morning!  If they have a warm and positive tone, it is a great addition to my day.  Anyways, I realized that I need more blogs about healthy living.  I have a lot about crafting and cooking, but while I am toiling away at my ginourmous textbooks during the semester, I need some health-filled inspiration for my breaks.  I’ll post any good ones I find!


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