My birthday is coming up!

I’ve never been one of those silly folks who avoids them and says things like ‘I’m turning 21 AGAIN!’ or ‘Sshhhh! Don’t tell anyone you know that I age!’

I love birthdays.  They feel special.  I think it is a way to say that you love yourself to show happiness over the fact that you were born.  Birthdays mean colorful balloons and yummy cake with candles.  Candles make anything seem magical, so when they are on top of a cake or (gasp!) and ice cream cake, it is unreal.  Let alone the whole super cool fire and ice thing going on with the ice cream….What will happen? Who will win? The candles? The ice cream cake?  Oh! Bam! Out of left field comes Courtney to fight on the side of the ice cream cake! She blew out the candles!!!! What?!?!  Oh wait, what is happening now? She is EATING THE CAKE!  She has turned on the cake.  First the candles now the cake, the mania!!!!! (I think this is what it would sound like if cake and candles had commentators; I imagine myself as a Godzilla-like character in it).

So anyways, I am happy my birthday is coming up.  I am treating myself to a day with some friends filled with learning and friendship.  I also think I am going to eat some basque food.

And in case you, dust mites lingering on a long-forgotten keyboard, were thinking about getting me a gift, here are some thoughts:

a keurig.  (le sigh)

This one is called the Mini.  Which makes it not only a delicious and fast coffee maker, but also adorable.

It is a proven fact that things are more adorable when they are mini sized.


we’re so tiny we could drown in your coffee! we’re also super cute.
AAAH this giant hand is going to crush me!!! also, I’m adorable.
we’re so small we have to cuddle all the time or else we will probably die. apart from the frozen death, that’s pretty aw worthy.

So, point proven.

Moving on.

I would also love gift cards.  I, like most of us, am on a super tight budget. So when I have a gift card, I feel like the most ballinest baller around.  I’m like, “Yeah target, give me those ballet flats, put it on the card! And no, I DONT have to sell my plasma to afford them.”  Playa gotta play.

I would love them to Target /or/ Forever 21 /or/ Ulta /or/ Victoria’s Secret.  After a Winter (kinda) of layers and chilliness, I want to feel like a lady.  And not the crazy ‘I live in a cabin alone by myself and capture hikers in bear traps’ kind of lady I feel like with thick wool socks on.  Not that kind at all.

Or I would love to spend time with friends.  Doing fun, different things.  Like an aerial silks class or a new hike.  Or a kayak class or a glassblowing class.  Or basically anything else fun advertised on LivingSocial and/or Groupon and/or KGB Deals and/or all of those other deal hubs.

OR I would love to volunteer with someone.  I do not have a disposable income and I know they are hard to come by these days.  Also, if someone has then, why spend it on my birthday? Why don’t we just spend time together and do good?  That would be a pretty awesome gift.

Regardless of gifts or no gifts, I am excited for my birthday.  I may get myself colored balloons and buy a fancy chai for the day.  Then I might work to nurse a robotic life-sized doll back to health.  Well, I actually WILL be doing that.  Mainly because I have to.  (for school, not for some weird hobby).

On that note, I’m out.

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