In one week, I will be officially done with my first year of nursing school.  This means that in the next four days I have to take a couple of beastly cumulative finals that can make or break my grades…  So what I am doin’ about it?!  Making an indoor succulent garden of course!!!

You see, likely non-existent blog reader, I work super hard for the entire semester.  By the time finals come around, I am burnt out.  My learning capacity has been maxed out temporarily and I need a break.

Last semester, I was so burnt out I got real sick then camped out in front of the Hallmark Channel watching Christmas specials as I made an excessive amount of decorative paper chains….

Like I said, an excessive amount of paper chains…

This semester, my mind has moved from holiday cheer to sunshine and summer.  So this morning, in leu of putting my nose to the grindstone, I went to Lowe’s.

Inspired by this post on the blog – A Beautiful Mess, I decided to bring some greenery into my bedroom.

I settled on repotting a Christmas Cactus – gifted to me from my nursing mentor Betty, planting a leafy indoor plant, and making a small, succulent garden.

The entire process was much easier than I anticipated.  I’m not sure why I thought it would be difficult…but it wasn’t.

Look at those little beauties!  Succulents are the perfect starter garden for horticulturally-challenged individuals.  They don’t require much watering, just once a week or so.  They enjoy a sunny window, so no need to worry about frying their little leaves.  They also love each other and are happy to share an 8″ pot!

I used a special soil for cacti and succulents that doesn’t hold water, so the dry-loving plants don’t drown when someone may or may not forgets to water them for two months and tries to compensate by dumping 1 gallon of water into their tiny pots at once….but who would do such a thing?

I used the same soil for my non-cactus/succulent plant as well.  To protect that plant from overdrying, I just popped a coffee filter into the bottom of the pot.

Succulent shopping is great since you can get some serious bang for your buck.  Each little one was only $2, so I got four.  I tried to get ones with different heights, colors, and textures to make it more interesting.

I wanted a big, leafy plant to join my happy little succulent bunch, so I settled on an Umbrella Tree.

I chose the Umbrella Tree for several reasons:

  1. Its big and leafy
  2. The name is adorable
  3. I loved the TV show “Under the Umbrella Tree” and hope that one day, mine will grow so large that myself and some happy, muppet friends may live together beneath its branches.

But for now, it is just a baby.

The whole project only took me like 7 hours complete.  1 hour to wander around Lowe’s.  30 mins to pot and repot my plants. 5 and a half hours to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.  Altogether, it was lovely.

Aaaand I got to buy this super cute watering can.

My indoor garden is now settled happily by a sunny window.  The room looks and smells fresher with the plants in it and my brain got a nice break on this beautiful Sunday.

I hope you have had a nice day as well.  If not, start it over.  Say a prayer.  Get a succulent.

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