little miracles

Tonight I felt low. I have been working a lot lately and although I’m enjoying it, my life has been feeling a bit off balance.

As I took my pup Zo out to use the facilities (aka the grass), I felt myself relaxing. I laid in my hammock and looked up at the stars as I reconnected with my Higher Power. I asked for guidance and the ability to be the best Courtney I can be, whatever that may mean.

As I did this, I saw a shooting star. It was a faint one, barely noticeable with the summer-glow sky and city lights. If I hadn’t been looking in just the right spot, I would have missed it.

I know this may sound cheesy, but this little message, this little miracle gave me the feeling that it was okay. That I am in the right place at the right time.

My mom talks about the little miracles that fill our days and how we can be oblivious to them if we don’t pause and observe. Tonight I calmed, I paused, and I witnessed a little miracle. For this I am grateful.