ladies and gentlemen, Van Morrison.

Seriously, readers, noo man has every been able to occupy my thoughts the way Van Morrison has. Nearly every day at work throughout this summer, the opening “Ba do do do do beps” of the song ‘Jackie Wilson Said’ have been on replay inside my head.

Don’t get me wrong, no one is complaining here. This isn’t one of those woeful posts about how a sad song has been stuck in my head and how it reflects the sad poopooness of life. No no no. Quite the opposite my frien. [do you like that spelling of friend? I think it is how the Dos Equis man would pronounce it. Just tryin’ to be cool ya’ll. Playah gotta play.]

[fair warning, the video content is SUPER random.  i’m pretty sure snooki is featured somewhere in the middle…]

Anyhoo, I am pretty sure Van Morrison sings to the tune of my soul. I’m lovin’ him this Summer! Except for Brown Eyed Girl. Bleh. Good job producing Melanin. Woo woo for you. Do you know what is a cooler eye color song? This one!

Yeah that’s right.  Brown eyed girls may skip and jump some, but green eyed ladies can soothe every wave that comes.  That’s right, power over the ocean-for the win!

One day I am going to live on a pretty, little ranch named Tupelo Honey with a bunch of happy puppies, llamas, and ducks.  I will name my future baby Domino and do the Moondance every night.  I will also gladly accept the terms of the restraining order put against me c/o Mr. Morrison himself. 😉

I hope you all love him just as much as I do, I’m off to dance with my lil’ pup Zoey.


If the videos do not work.  Just open them in a new tab.  This embedding stuff makes my brain feel like cotton candy.