Simplicity and creating

Sometimes it feels good to get back to basics.  I think it is in our human nature to create and build things.  It feels as instinctual as breathing sometimes.

However satisfying it feels to create something or work with my hands, it is still super easy for me to slide back into lazier form of existence.  So, on long days, after hours of intense focus in school or hard work on the job; I will come home, eat something pre-made and poop out on the sofa while watching TV.  Pure consumption. I just sit and take in.  (Note, actual pooping does not occur on the sofa!!! This is simply a phrase.)

Now, somedays, this is just the ticket.  Certain afternoons are just meant to be filled with Lean Pockets (covered with ranch dressing) and a marathon of Chopped (or hours of Olympics coverage, or House Hunters, or reruns of Gilmore Girls).

do you know how many Google Image results come up for “Couch Potato Cat”?   2,040,000. seriously.

But these lazy days should not outnumber the non-lazy ones.  If they do, I start to get squirrelly.

That’s when making something feels so right!

It could be a cake or a birdhouse or scrapbook page.

It could be pressed flowers or a garden or some dried sage!

It could be a journal or a casserole or maybe some fondue.

It could be a picnic or a puzzle, just about anything will do!

Freestyle rhyming also works…clearly.  Anyhoo- today I handmade some lovely birthday cards for three, very special women.  It felt great.  I loved seeing my ideas come to fruition with some magazine scraps, mod-podge, and lots of love.

Here’s a little preview.  I can’t put any more detailed photos up or else they might see them!  [you know, in case they happen to read my blog…. BAHAHAHA! i know, i know.  probably not, but still…]

Lately I have also been working in a little corner of my yard.  I hope that someday soon it will be home to a little garden.  It may end up growing only weeds and being the home to red and black beetles, but the effort feels good.  I have been shoveling away rocks and pulling up roots (sorry neighbor’s bushes, but its my land now!).  Working on it and seeing its slow progress is so fun.  I love dreaming about one day being able to grow corn, squash, and maybe a pumpkin or two.

The point is (I suppose), I hope that the majority of my life can be productive.  I love to create, in any form.  Making food, growing plants, and constructing things feels pretty rockin’.

I’m off to put up some shelves, because I’m handy!  Well, actually because I put them up using pushpins and they fell down (again, to no one’s surprise).

I hope you all (mystery readers!) are having wonderful Sundays, I sure am.

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