Friends.  I am obsessed.

I am currently in love with Teardrop Trailers.  This is an all-consuming love.  They are all I think about… I have stopped hanging out with friends because I don’t want to spend my time away from the trailers… I just sit and daydream about me and the trailers and the mountains and the open road…aaaahh, serenity.

For those of you who do not know, these lil’ babays have been around for a long time.  See evidence below.

See? That’s a pretty old photo.

What is special about these guys, is that throughout the Teardrop history, people have been customizing them.  They have never really been a trailer you just buy and use.  Teardrop connoisseurs have built them themselves or refurbished them according to personal preference and style.  They are unique, portable, and pretty adorable.

For the camping fans out there, they are small enough to fit into small sites.  Size restrictions be damned!  These little guys can do it all.

They have a cozy bed inside, storage available for clothing (so not bulky bags needed); the hatchback usually opens to a small cooking area where one can install or store a camping stove and supplies (utensils, cooking gear).  They are small, but organized and mighty.

Look at this guy.  He’s lovin’ it.


Personally, I love the wood-paneled ones.  They are so beautiful.  I imagine myself and sweet Zoey cruisin’ through the forest with one.  Just seeking out the perfect little spot to set up camp.

I’m thinking that getting and finishing one of these may be on my future “Forty before Forty” list.

Until then, I’ll just keep dreaming of them.

❤ Happy Sunday!

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