I before E my heinie!!!!

You know what? I’m pretty darn tootin’ mad.

At the impressionable young age of 7, I learned the spelling rule, “I before E, except after C.”

Whoever taught me that can suck it.  I am an intelligent, 25 year old college graduate who is constantly being corrected by Microsoft Word because I put I’s before my E’s.

I’m just trying to follow the rules here people.

But nooo, most words don’t follow that rule! Was this rule developed by some sadistic second-grade teacher or something??!?!!  (Mmm, alliteration….)

But seriously, each time that awful red, squiggly line appears under a word with an IE in it, I seethe.

I may just start spelling them my way.  With that, I you all percieve your days to be positive, but that they are also wierd, in a nice way.

Take that red squiggles.

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