Surprise! Its a monkey.

I went to Petco today to purchase some dog food.

Normal errand.  Normal day.


Now, I lived in Costa Rica; meaning, I am no stranger to monkeys.  However, it is quite unexpected in the middle of Reno, NV, USA.

It was like this one time I was in SF and there was an old man sitting at a bus stop.  He had a side bag, was reading the paper, and was completely naked.

A very normal scene, with something different going on.

The monkey looked like this:

Except it had a shaved head (probably going through rebellious phase…or it is a competitive swimmer)

The monkey was just hanging with a lady in a purple shirt.  They were wandering around, shopping for fish and whatnot.  I just impolitely gawked.  I’m not ashamed though.  A certain amount of staring in wonderment is acceptable with a monkey.

This is fact.

Anyways, this little surprise added some additional flair to my day, so I thought I would share it.

Have a flair-filled evening ❤

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