Sunday Gratitude

Wait, what?

Its Monday. And I am TIRRRRRED. I had a very busy Sunday, so I spaced on my favorite part: GRATITUDE!

So here it goes (one day late)

  • Driving down Arlington and catching a peak at pretty flowers in someone’s office
  • Not having a Patho test this Thursday
  • Hot showers and the smell of soap
  • The little pounce movement Zo does when she is excited; I can’t even stand it!!!
  • Yawns that are so long and yummy they make my eyes water.
  • Box jumping in class today without falling down!
  • Clear, healthy lungs
  • An amazing support system filled with love and encouragement
  • Tools to live a healthy life and move forward

Doing my psych rotations these past couple of weeks has really opened my eyes to how blessed I am.  I feel so grateful to have the people in my life that I do that fill me with love and keep me moving forward, I hope I do the same for them.

I am grateful for my past.  I am grateful for my present.  I am grateful for the hope of a good future.

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