Little laughter

I have been cracking up lately.

I’m like humpty dumpty, post-fall, pre-any attempts at salvage.  Except for less injury and more cracking.

That didn’t make sense at all, did it?  Welp, my (cloudy) point is that I have been enjoying life.  I have laughed SO MUCH within the past couple of days.

No I have not seen any comedy specials.  No I have not purchased a joke book.  No I haven’t been hanging around particularly hilarious people.

I have just been laughing at everything.  Normal stuff that seems hilarious.

Like this little guy.

They use these at the psych hospital to deliver things in between buildings.  One morning, while waiting for our clinical instructor, my classmates and I saw one zipping by.  While attempting to make a three point turn, it got stuck in a large bush.

It was hilariously adorable.  A tiny little car, just sitting there, wiggling around helplessly.

From that point on, each time I saw one, I laughed myself into tears.

It has been a joy.  Laughing lights up my soul.  I truly hope you all find some silly things to laugh about today too ❤

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