Sunday Gratitude

Good morning Sunshine!

From my last trip to HA – aah, serenity ❤

It is my favorite part of the week! Here is my current list of things I am oh-so-grateful for:

  • Coffee: Sweet baby Jesus, thank you for coffee’s presence in the world.  Some mornings, I find my bed so cozy and wonderful, I wonder do I reaaally want to leave this wonderful place? Then I realize, hell yes I do! There is coffee waiting for me in the kitchen!
  • These ladies.  Talking with them lights up my heart.  And no, to everyone’s surprise, we are not modeling here, this is a simple family photo. 😉


from R > L, my sees Whit, my Mama, and me – the stud in the turquoise pants.


  • Cool, sunny mornings.  This weather is rejuvenating.  It feels too chilly at first, then I stand in the sunshine.  I feel like I could just soak it in forever.
  • Plantains.  I have been slicing these up and sautéing them with one piece of bacon. Oh mama.  It is soooo good.
  • My health – this week I start my oncology rotation.  Our bodies can go through a lot of really random shitty stuff (medical terminology), I don’t want to take my health for granted.  I feel pretty blessed that my little buddies (tumors) were benign.  Plus, now my left ear sweats when I eat and I get the street cred. for having brain surgery – what what?!?!  Sometimes, the after effects of surgery can be pretty silly 🙂
  • Open space. I went on a small hike with J yesterday.  It was so incredible to have so much untouched land surrounding us.  During school, I am indoors a lot and can forget how awe-inspiring nature can be.


I hope your Sundays are filled with gratitude, sunshine, and love.  ❤

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