Happy Halloween!

Here’s a little tune to get you in a spooooky mood!

I’m tucked inside finishing some schoolwork, but I won’t let that get me down!

So I am reading about renal failure and waiting for those Trick or Treaters! I love Halloween!  One day I want to have a SUPER scary house where I can do a lot of makeup and sit outside so it looks like I am a statue or some other decoration, then JUMP OUT and scare the kids.

Ah, dreams.

Happy Halloween and to the luck few of you that live in Nevada – HAPPY NEVADA DAY!!! HOO-RAH BATTLE BORN!!!!!

Sunday Gratitude

Good evening friends!

My cloudy mind comes to you from my humidified room in Quarantined City.  Yes indeedy, I am sick.  My nose / throat / eyes are itchy and I am cursing the common cold with every sneeze!  But, I am still grateful!  Febrile, but grateful.


Today I am loving / grateful for / swooning over:

  • Rain.  This week was delightfully overcast.  It reminded me of sitting at a bus stop in Heredia, Costa Rica humming this tune
  • Homemade chicken soup.  I made a giant batch of delicious homemade chicken soup and the next day I got sick.  Now, being sick is a bit of a bummer, but already having yummy soup waiting for me felt like the Universe was telling me it was okay, then the Universe gave me a hug. (I should note that I am fever-y, and thus, so are my sentences…)
  • Zombie Makeup!  This weekend was Reno’s Zombie Crawl.  As I have the nighttime tendencies of a narcoleptic 97 year old, the highlight was not the actual ‘crawling’.  My favorite part was putting zombie makeup on myself and five dudes!  We looked scary.  The blood dyed my skin a little.  Now it just looks like part of my face is blushing.  Only part.
  • Regina Spektor.  After looking up that song, I’m on a Spektor bender!
  • My heating pad.  I love this little thing!  I’ve been using a humidifier (because I am sick, and a really cool person) and it makes me so chilly!  Pair the humidifier with a heating pad.  Boom.  Perfection.  I have simple needs.

Now, currently I am grateful for many other people / places / things in my life.  But, I am sick and tired and have a very teeny tiny attention span.  So I will end it here.  Thank you for visiting.  I hope you have a great Sunday!

Lovelove ❤

Henry the VIII, Kokomo, and a Hippo

I love life!

Driving home from my CrossFit class, I encountered a few simple pleasures I have to share about.

The first is this song…this song right here!!!

I love any song I can instantly sing along to!  Especially when my windows are down!

The next was a rock that looked like a hippo. Since I am such a responsible driver, I did not take a photo.  I tried to find a photo online that fits, but none of them do.  Instead I browed photos of baby  hippos for like twenty minutes.  OhmygoshIreallywantababyhippoitandzoeycouldbebestfriends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whaaaat?!?!?! So cute.  So just picture that in a rock and that’s what I saw.

Then, this song came on the radio!!!

And I SAAANG and DAAANCED and drove because I was still on my drive home…  Whilst enjoying this song, I remembered a wonderful remix of it one of my ***ALL TIME FAVORITE*** bands did a while back, so I will share that with you too…

Man, that lead singer is dreamy.

And now since I am just playing on the internet and checking out the Muppets online, here is this:


Eventually I made it home, where I was greeted by this LITTLE MONSTER!!!


She’s got a biiiig head and leeetle arms!  She’s a T-Rex!!!!!  Do you know what it means when my BF gets more outfits for Zo than I do?

It means my BF is FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!  Zoey was a T-Rex in another lifetime.  She is ferocious, but is deceived by her size!  If she was larger, she would rule us all!!!!


I think I want to take up Steel Drumming.

Sunday Gratitude

Holy Moly is life busy these days, hence why this is a Sunday post on a Monday.  Oh well, progress not perfection ❤

However busy I am, I am still grateful for all of my responsibilities, my to dos, and my schedule-stuffing stuff.

  • I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn.  I say this a lot, mostly because I need to hear it.  School is hard and requires a lot of time and effort.  It is easy to think of it as a burden instead of a gift.  But it really is a gift and when I take a minute to reflect on it, I realize and re-realize how blessed I am to be where I am.
  • The sunrise.  This morning’s sunrise was MAGNIFICENT!!!  The colors were so beautiful. Had I decided to take sweet Zo on a walk ten minutes earlier or ten minutes later, I would have missed it.  What a gift.
  • Boots.  This may be ridiculous, but I freakin’ love boots. I love them I love them I love them!
  • Cheering friends.  I did a CrossFit Competition over the weekend.  People, I was so nervous I was wiggin’ all day.  So I texted and called up my bf and bff and they came and supported me.  They cheered and encouraged me.  I was freezing (it was outside on a COLD night) and my muscles were stiff, but I did it! And I finished under the time cap – woot woot!
  • The fact that the term “Cat Scratch Fever” was just mentioned in my nursing care class… Clearly they aren’t referring to Ted Nugent, but guess what song is now on repeat in my head?

So yes, life is busy, but as always – life is GOOD.  I hope you feel the same ❤


Sunday Gratitude

Good morning!

I hope you enjoyed some cozy time in bed today.  I stayed under the sheets until 8AM! Woot! That’s a new record!

Let’s see, what am I grateful for… a whole buncha stuff.

Today I am grateful for….

  • Growth.  Friday I had an incredible day.  At the end of it, I thought of each thing I did.  I met with a friend and talked and felt like I grew spiritually and emotionally.  I ate a delicious lunch of healthy nomz with J then did a Cub Corps class and felt strong physically.  I did some reading for school and grew mentally. I attended a networking event with the NNA and grew professionally. What a gift!
  • Warmth.  When the nights get chillier, I get to snuggle deeper into my comforter while Zo snuggles closer to me.  I fall asleep feeling warm and safe.  It is a simple pleasure that I don’t take for granted.
  • Connection.  I cannot express the joy I feel from bonding over common ground with another person.  It’s awesome man.  It is so easy to start thinking that I am the only one who thinks this / does this / experienced this / fears this / whatever.  But the second another person shares that they too ____ this, it is easier! It is manageable!  It is almost legen-(wait for it!)-dary in the nursing world how intimidating and difficult the first year out of school is. So while I am excited to graduate and begin working, I am also a little anxious.  This weekend, I got to hear nurses speak about their new graduate experiences and gain insight from their journeys.  They were kind and encouraging.
  • Hot coffee.  Seriously, how many times can I put coffee on this list?  Uhm, the correct answer is infinite times, because I love it that much.
sweet love.
  • Dancing.  Any dancing.  Anyone doing it.  Anywhere. Ever.  I love it!  Its is so fun!  I am probably terrible at it, but hopping around and flailing my arms (yep, definitely terrible) is so FUN.
  • This moment – Sundays mornings are just wonderful.  Regardless of the items on my ToDo list, I slow down, sip my coffee, and reflect on the good stuff goin’ on.  Freakin’ awesome.

Have a warm/cozy/safe/loving/grateful Sunday

Health blog inspiration

Guuut mooorrrneeeeng!

I hope you slept as well as I did!  It was awesome.  Thank you OHS for tiring me out so much I was practically comatose when my head hit the pillow.

Today, I’d like to talk about random stuff on the internet.  You see, I am very impressionable.  When I see a recipe for Nutella Rice Krispy Treats or Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Pops, I want them to be in my mouth right now!

So, how does one deal with this when working her way through the Whole 30?

I found new blogs.  I still read the old ones about adorable crafts and delightful-looking treats (those sugar-eating scoundrels!!!)  – but now I also read some awesome blogs about exercise and healthy eating (mainly crossfit and paleo-focused)

Now, I can’t just read any health blog and love it.  Heck no.  A lot of stuff out there is really dry and boring.  I can’t relate to a middle aged man who eats purely for nourishment and has no trouble when faced with brownies or a random dude who blogs about how his only vice is Diet Dr. Pepper.

Psch! Scoff! Stinky face!

Thankfully, there are several quirky ladies out there within the internets who blog about real life (and by real life I mean stuff I can relate to…)

The first:


This girl is hilarious.  This is an excerpt from a recent post, “Then I might have had about 10-20 chocolate covered peanuts/almonds. Damn you Sarah. Damn you emotions. Damn you vagina. I don’t even have a picture of it all because I ate them so fast.”

(She generally eats really healthy and shares recipes [delicious ones!] I just had to share this blip because it is so funny, and true.)

The next:

Nom Nom Paleo

This is from a woman in the Bay Area who works night shifts (yay future!).  She calls herself a lazy cook and is constantly using recipes and methods to speed up prep and cook time.

And she has really cool workout socks that say “Nom Nom” on one and “Paleo” on the other.

Working out and eating healthy is great at all, but its the accessories I can truly stand behind.

I hope you enjoy them! These ladies are inspiring me to keep cooking, eating, and living healthy.