Puppy magic

If you’re feeling humdrum…if you’re focused on your to do list….if you’re fixated on the fact it is not yet Friday… do yourself a favor and read this.

A Cancer Patient’s Best Friend

This sweet series is from a young woman going through treatment for Leukemia.  Her writing is honest and heartfelt – I’m sure a difficult thing to do when talking about some pretty scary things.

After reading the archives of her series, I find myself rooting for her all the way from Reno, NV.

Go Suleika! You rockin’ woman!!!

This article focuses on her recent acquisition, a puppy named Oscar (who is adorable btw).  I know sweet Zozo brings unconditional love and joy to my life.  She breaks up any feelings of pity or loneliness with her nose nudges and ‘play with me now!’ cries.

I cannot imagine how tough it must be to battle cancer and undergo treatment.  However, I can imagine that a pup makes it a little easier, at least I hope so.

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