Health blog inspiration

Guuut mooorrrneeeeng!

I hope you slept as well as I did!  It was awesome.  Thank you OHS for tiring me out so much I was practically comatose when my head hit the pillow.

Today, I’d like to talk about random stuff on the internet.  You see, I am very impressionable.  When I see a recipe for Nutella Rice Krispy Treats or Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Pops, I want them to be in my mouth right now!

So, how does one deal with this when working her way through the Whole 30?

I found new blogs.  I still read the old ones about adorable crafts and delightful-looking treats (those sugar-eating scoundrels!!!)  – but now I also read some awesome blogs about exercise and healthy eating (mainly crossfit and paleo-focused)

Now, I can’t just read any health blog and love it.  Heck no.  A lot of stuff out there is really dry and boring.  I can’t relate to a middle aged man who eats purely for nourishment and has no trouble when faced with brownies or a random dude who blogs about how his only vice is Diet Dr. Pepper.

Psch! Scoff! Stinky face!

Thankfully, there are several quirky ladies out there within the internets who blog about real life (and by real life I mean stuff I can relate to…)

The first:


This girl is hilarious.  This is an excerpt from a recent post, “Then I might have had about 10-20 chocolate covered peanuts/almonds. Damn you Sarah. Damn you emotions. Damn you vagina. I don’t even have a picture of it all because I ate them so fast.”

(She generally eats really healthy and shares recipes [delicious ones!] I just had to share this blip because it is so funny, and true.)

The next:

Nom Nom Paleo

This is from a woman in the Bay Area who works night shifts (yay future!).  She calls herself a lazy cook and is constantly using recipes and methods to speed up prep and cook time.

And she has really cool workout socks that say “Nom Nom” on one and “Paleo” on the other.

Working out and eating healthy is great at all, but its the accessories I can truly stand behind.

I hope you enjoy them! These ladies are inspiring me to keep cooking, eating, and living healthy.

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