Sunday Gratitude

Good morning!

I hope you enjoyed some cozy time in bed today.  I stayed under the sheets until 8AM! Woot! That’s a new record!

Let’s see, what am I grateful for… a whole buncha stuff.

Today I am grateful for….

  • Growth.  Friday I had an incredible day.  At the end of it, I thought of each thing I did.  I met with a friend and talked and felt like I grew spiritually and emotionally.  I ate a delicious lunch of healthy nomz with J then did a Cub Corps class and felt strong physically.  I did some reading for school and grew mentally. I attended a networking event with the NNA and grew professionally. What a gift!
  • Warmth.  When the nights get chillier, I get to snuggle deeper into my comforter while Zo snuggles closer to me.  I fall asleep feeling warm and safe.  It is a simple pleasure that I don’t take for granted.
  • Connection.  I cannot express the joy I feel from bonding over common ground with another person.  It’s awesome man.  It is so easy to start thinking that I am the only one who thinks this / does this / experienced this / fears this / whatever.  But the second another person shares that they too ____ this, it is easier! It is manageable!  It is almost legen-(wait for it!)-dary in the nursing world how intimidating and difficult the first year out of school is. So while I am excited to graduate and begin working, I am also a little anxious.  This weekend, I got to hear nurses speak about their new graduate experiences and gain insight from their journeys.  They were kind and encouraging.
  • Hot coffee.  Seriously, how many times can I put coffee on this list?  Uhm, the correct answer is infinite times, because I love it that much.
sweet love.
  • Dancing.  Any dancing.  Anyone doing it.  Anywhere. Ever.  I love it!  Its is so fun!  I am probably terrible at it, but hopping around and flailing my arms (yep, definitely terrible) is so FUN.
  • This moment – Sundays mornings are just wonderful.  Regardless of the items on my ToDo list, I slow down, sip my coffee, and reflect on the good stuff goin’ on.  Freakin’ awesome.

Have a warm/cozy/safe/loving/grateful Sunday

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