Henry the VIII, Kokomo, and a Hippo

I love life!

Driving home from my CrossFit class, I encountered a few simple pleasures I have to share about.

The first is this song…this song right here!!!

I love any song I can instantly sing along to!  Especially when my windows are down!

The next was a rock that looked like a hippo. Since I am such a responsible driver, I did not take a photo.  I tried to find a photo online that fits, but none of them do.  Instead I browed photos of baby  hippos for like twenty minutes.  OhmygoshIreallywantababyhippoitandzoeycouldbebestfriends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whaaaat?!?!?! So cute.  So just picture that in a rock and that’s what I saw.

Then, this song came on the radio!!!

And I SAAANG and DAAANCED and drove because I was still on my drive home…  Whilst enjoying this song, I remembered a wonderful remix of it one of my ***ALL TIME FAVORITE*** bands did a while back, so I will share that with you too…

Man, that lead singer is dreamy.

And now since I am just playing on the internet and checking out the Muppets online, here is this:


Eventually I made it home, where I was greeted by this LITTLE MONSTER!!!


She’s got a biiiig head and leeetle arms!  She’s a T-Rex!!!!!  Do you know what it means when my BF gets more outfits for Zo than I do?

It means my BF is FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!  Zoey was a T-Rex in another lifetime.  She is ferocious, but is deceived by her size!  If she was larger, she would rule us all!!!!


I think I want to take up Steel Drumming.

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