Sunday Gratitude

Good evening friends!

My cloudy mind comes to you from my humidified room in Quarantined City.  Yes indeedy, I am sick.  My nose / throat / eyes are itchy and I am cursing the common cold with every sneeze!  But, I am still grateful!  Febrile, but grateful.


Today I am loving / grateful for / swooning over:

  • Rain.  This week was delightfully overcast.  It reminded me of sitting at a bus stop in Heredia, Costa Rica humming this tune
  • Homemade chicken soup.  I made a giant batch of delicious homemade chicken soup and the next day I got sick.  Now, being sick is a bit of a bummer, but already having yummy soup waiting for me felt like the Universe was telling me it was okay, then the Universe gave me a hug. (I should note that I am fever-y, and thus, so are my sentences…)
  • Zombie Makeup!  This weekend was Reno’s Zombie Crawl.  As I have the nighttime tendencies of a narcoleptic 97 year old, the highlight was not the actual ‘crawling’.  My favorite part was putting zombie makeup on myself and five dudes!  We looked scary.  The blood dyed my skin a little.  Now it just looks like part of my face is blushing.  Only part.
  • Regina Spektor.  After looking up that song, I’m on a Spektor bender!
  • My heating pad.  I love this little thing!  I’ve been using a humidifier (because I am sick, and a really cool person) and it makes me so chilly!  Pair the humidifier with a heating pad.  Boom.  Perfection.  I have simple needs.

Now, currently I am grateful for many other people / places / things in my life.  But, I am sick and tired and have a very teeny tiny attention span.  So I will end it here.  Thank you for visiting.  I hope you have a great Sunday!

Lovelove ❤

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