Sunday Morning Gratitude

Good morning!

I hope you are feeling as good as I am today.  No, scratch that, I hope you are feeling even better!

I am full of gratitude  today, here are some tidbits:

  • Surprise reunions! Friday night I went to Soul Night at the Lincoln Lounge.  It was amazing! First off, it was so fun that I stayed out later than… wait for it… ALL OF MY ROOMMATES!!!!!  They play oldies and you dance and laugh and pretend to be someone’s cousin in order to find out their name for your friend…. While there, I ran into a group of lovely Pi Phi’s, including my Little!  It was incredible!  Thinking about it still puts a smile on my face.  I felt like I hadn’t realized how much I missed all of them until I was standing there with them.  Truly grateful for that.
  • NetiPots.  Oh man, my NetiPot is like my modern day fairy Godmother.  I wake up cranky and stuffed up (residual congestion from my cold).. I snarl my way into the bathroom, then BOOM – after I use it I feel as fresh and happy as Will Smith himself!
  • Feist / Regina Spektor Pandora.  These ladies cure a cranky mood.  I’ll tell you what!  Being sick really bums me out, mainly because I feel so trapped and I know I just have to wait it out.  So, I pop on one of these stations and dance around my bathroom.  Personal recommendation: add some kicks to your dance routine, it adds to the joyful factor.
  • Sunshine. Taking Zo out for a walk has been better for me than her lately.  Well, I guess it may be great for her as well…She hasn’t recently told me that our walks have been substandard… Anyways, feeling my shoulders warm in the sun and having to squint to look up just feels so good.  I love Autumn, and the holidays bring a feeling of magic into my heart, but gray weather wears me down when it stretches out and keeps me inside.  These sunny days have not gone unnoticed!
  • Sister chats.  I caught up with my SeaStar a couple of days ago.  It was so fun.  We giggled and laughed [two very different actions, only distinguishable by little girls, or grown women who are essentially 8 year olds at heart].  I am so excited to see her and my Mama in December.  Hooray!
  • The kind baristas / owners of Bibo Coffee Co.  They allow me to buy a coffee then linger there for a long time while I study.  They accept me as I mumble to myself and use hand gestures to map out something in my brain.  They understand why I like to buy a large coffee, but use a small coffee cup.  They provide me with my sweet life-nectar, coffee. Mmm, my goodness I love it so much.

Welp, that’s all for me today.  I hope you enjoy some sunshine and get caffeinated to your hearts content!

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