Sunday Gratitude


Today I am reflecting on simple moments of joy.  These are the little things that when I am hurried, go unnoticed.  But today, I am moving at a more relaxed pace and am soaking them in.

  • I am studying at a local coffeehouse.  I found a great table, which is a feat considering today is a holiday and the place is packed.  My table is against a large window that looks out on the patio area.  So here I am, not studying, just staring out the window at a sweet golden retriever when another golden retriever comes up.  And it is obvious, that they are now in love.  I witnessed it!  They fell in love instantly!  And they played and kissed and it was wonderful.  Meanwhile, I notice their owners are both here alone, and another connection is made!  After about thirty minutes (my on and off watching…creepy, sorry), they totally exchanged phone numbers!  It was so sweet!  It was like a real-life, golden retriever version of 101 Dalmatians.  I loved it.
  • Also seen from my table / aka my observation unit: a couple in their 70s walking to their car, matching shoes / pants / jackets.  The Mr walked over and opened the door for his lady, closed it gently and walked to the driver’s side.  Adorable.
  • Hearing Styx – Come Sail Away at the coffeehouse while studying.  Hearing this and not singing aloud took all of the willpower I have.  If you don’t know the song, watch this video.  Then watch it again.  Then watch it again and again and again until you know the song.  Then we will sing it together because it is wonderful.
    I thought that they were Aaaangels, but much to my surprise – they climbed aboard their staarship and headed for THE SKIIIEEEES!
    I know it is Tuesday, but this is still going to be “Sunday Gratitude” because renaming it sounds difficult…

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