Chicken (no) Tortilla Soup!


Here in Reno, NV the weather is a-changin’ and it is chilly! All I want to do is stay in bed until 11AM, get up for coffee, then watch TV all day while eating hot soup.  I have simple needs.

In order to make one of my dreams come true, I have been making homemade soups like crazy! I always thought it was much more difficult, but in reality making homemade soup is the easiest form of cooking on the planet.  AND the result is delicious.  AND you know what ingredients are in it.  AND you have a tasty meal ready for you throughout the busy week.  How awesome is that?!

I adapted the recipe from HERE.  The original looks great, but I altered it so it would be appropriate as a hearty main course.

I apologize for the lack of photos, but I was more focused on eating than keeping a record – but gimme a break!  This is my first food post!


  • 5 pounds chicken – I used “leg quarters”  – tasty meat and the pack cost be less than 5$ (!!!)
  • Oil – I used coconut oil and olive oil, but really it is oil, who cares? Use any type you want.
  • Shakes (to taste) of the following:  Paprika / Garlic Salt / Cayenne Pepper / CUMIN – if you don’t own Cumin, then go buy some, taste it, and enjoy the higher quality of life you will now have.
  • 1 white onion
  • 2-3 Tablespoons minced garlic (we have a but ol’ tub from Costco of the stuff.  If you have fresh cloves, I would just mince up a whole head.
  • 1 jalapeño pepper
  • 3 bell peppers – I had yellow / orange / red
  • 2 quarts / big rectangular packages of chicken stock – I recommend shelling out the extra forty cents on the ‘better’ brands.  The canned chicken stock really tastes like water / oil / “chicken seasoning #22387R”
  • 2 – 14 oz cans of diced, fire-roasted tomatoes
  • 3 limes
  • Avocados to top it off
  • NO CILANTRO! For cilantro is evil and if you eat it you will surely die because it is so disgusting.  Don’t taint a wonderful soup with this horrendous leafy death.  CILANTRO HATER 4 LIFE!

Makin’ the soup:

  • Unwrap the chicken and give it a quick rinse.  You are doing this mainly because raw chicken smells like farts and rinsing it off reduces the stink.  (that and it gets all of the goo off) (fart goo more like it)
  • Spread the chicken in a baking dish.  I used a simple 9″-13″-1″ glass pan.
  • Drizzle the chicken with some oil, just enough to make it all glossy
  • Coat those chicken pieces with some shakes of seasoning!  No need to season if you are cooking chicken with the skin on, but have plans to remove the skin before poppin’ it in the soup.  I wasted a lot of good cumin here… (tear).
  • Cook the chicken in 375* F for 45m-60m.  I did 45m and my chicken had some pink parts in the very center (it got cooked during the boiling process, but if it is thoroughly cooked in the oven, it will be easier to pick apart when you put it in the broth).
  • Take an hour break!  I recommend playing with a beloved pet or napping!
  • So the chicken is still cooking away, so you might as well prep the rest of the veggies!
  • Chop the bell peppers to your liking, I used 1″ strips
  • Dice the onion into little pieces
  • Dice the jalapeño into even leeeeettler pieces.  Discard the seeds and DONT TOUCH YOUR FACE.  Wash your hands, wash everything, then wash your hands again.  Then don’t touch your face.  Or your dog’s face, that would just be cruel.  But you all probably know this, I think you are a very wise bunch.
  • Put a big pot on the stove, I used an 8 quart pot.  This held the soup and gave me a couple of inches at the top to prevent it from boiling over.
  • On medium-high heat, sauté the onions / garlic / peppers / jalapeño in roughly 2-3 T of oil; stir them while cooking over the next 4-5 minutes;  you just want to get the onions softer and little more translucent.
  • Pour in the chicken stock and tomatoes and keep on low heat
  • Once the chicken is done, let it cool.  Just chill out, Chicken! Let’s not get crazy here!
  • I took off the chicken skin then just tore the meat off the bones with my hands.  I found it easiest to rip apart the joints and take the bones out, then just pieced out the remaining meat.  This was simple to do and ripping bones apart helped me connect with my inner survivalist.
  • Drop all of the yummy chicken meat into the pot with all of the other goodies.
  • Bring to boil on High heat, then keep it with a low boil (probably a Medium heat)
  • Leave the pot simmer/boiling there from 20-45 minutes; this time is really up to you.  I wanted mine to boil longer to get it to reduce.  I wanted a slightly thicker soup with a strong broth, but taste it and decide for yourself.  If your chicken wasn’t completely done, let it boil for at least 20 minutes to ensure food safety. No one likes diarrhea!
  • Taste the broth and decide what it needs.  Experiment with spices! I used a TON of cumin, some paprika, LOTS of garlic salt, and a decent amount of cayenne.  I added more salt then the juice of 3 limes.  Just taste as you go and you can’t go wrong.

When it is all done, slice up the avocado and put it on top of a steaming bowl of your homemade chicken (no) tortilla soup!

Here is my only (dark and grainy) photo of the end product.  Delicious!

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