CrossFit / Food / Roommates

Oooh CrossFit.  How great you make me feel, but how awful you make my shins look.  Today was a deadlift day and my shins look like I used my legs as billy clubs while taking Coumadin…they are bruised!

So, Crossfit – I dedicate this song to you.  You make me do silly things like handstands and give me bruises.  But you also make me feel strong and give me muscles to throw sweet Zo Hiiiigh up in the air.

(Note: disregard that creepy man voice in the song…I have never been so grossed out by strawberries in my life.)

Speaking of song dedications, this one goes out to FOOD.  I love you baby, never change!

(Note: I have no clue what this song is about.  It is just appropriate because if something is delicious, my body tells me no, but I WONT QUIT!!!)

And finally, this one’s for my roommates.  They are awesome! I am so glad I live with each of those boys.  They make delicious food, which we have already established that I love, then share it!  They are also great listeners and are super understanding about my immense need for quiet and rest (or else something happens and I morph into a rage-filled snarling monster…)  Finally, a hip hop song with a message I can really get behind.

(Note: I don’t know what Chris Brown is talking about…”I don’t want to fall/fall/fall asleep”  that is hogwash, just let me sleep.  PS the video sucks.)

That’s it for Courtney’s Cool Jamzzz Radio Session!  Keep right on the flip side and have a snazzy Monday you rockin’ snails, you!

(my best effort at being a RockJock DJ.)


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