Sunday Gratitude

Good Morning friends!

I am parked on my sofa, sipping my coffee, and watching the tail end of Finding Nemo.  Holy moly, am I filled with gratitude.

These past couple of days have been filled to the brim with family and loved ones.  After spending time with these wonderful people, I wake up with a light heart and a smile.

Here are a few of the things I am oh-so-grateful for today:

  • Friends and Family!  I have gotten to spend time with some friends lately who I hadn’t previously seen in months-years!  It has been so good.  I forgot how seriously funny, smart, and entertaining these particular women are.  After an evening with them, my voice is hoarse from laughing so much.  AND we get to dust off the good ‘ole sorority pose when we take a group photo:


  • Pixar movies: Pixar recently came out with their short films, version 2.  If you want to watch some well-made, heartwarming cartoons, download / pick it up pronto!  The BF and I watched a few before hitting the sack last night.  They are so good!
  • A warm home and food to eat.  These cold nights remind me how blessed I am to have a roof over my head.  I am in school, have regular income, and have a promising, upcoming job search.  That is a big deal these days and I am so thankful for these opportunities.


I hope you have a great Sunday.  Mine will be stuffed with studying, groceries, tutoring, and cooking.  Pretty awesome.

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