What gray days are for

Today is a gray day.

There is a thick cloudy layer, floating above Reno and I am enjoying it.  Black coffee is so much more satisfying and cozy during a little rain.  Or during sunshine.  Or snow.  Or hail.  Or anytime because coffee, black or otherwise, is freakin’ amazing!!!!

Maybe I will limit myself to one cup today…

As usual around finals time, my mind begins to wander more easily.  So-this post may seem a bit random, some gratitude / some reflection.  We’ll see where it goes, shall we?  Well…I will see where it goes, you may or may not continue to read it depending.  I will try to input fun stuff from the internet throughout to keep it interesting.

That video is my dream future.

Hm, let’s start with gratitude.  I’ve been late on a lot of my Sunday posts, but I am still one grateful lady.

  • The past few weeks, I have been woken up several times by the wind.  It was a’hooowlin!  It came with icy temperatures, rain, and freezing fog.  And I rode out each storm in bed.  With the heat on.  With a roof over my head.  My home is sturdy and we were kept protected and warm.  What a gift!  But each time I woke up, my mind moved to all of those people who don’t have homes. There are a LOT of people without permanent homes today.  Particularly in Nevada.  At the same time, I am grateful for proactive people in our community who work to be a part of the solution, like my friend Sean.  Read about his work to keep people warm here:  Big Reno Coat Drive.   I put a video below done by current students at the Orvis School of Nursing – Go fellow nursing students!!!  It is worth your time to watch.
  • I am grateful for my family.  They are funny and kind and crazy and wonderful.  I had some Padre / Bubba time yesterday and have been relishing all of the time I get to spend with my Mom since she has moved back in town.  AND – I will be visiting San Diego next week!!! To have some much-needed SeaStar time.  I can’t wait.  Aaand, I am going to workout with her fiancé Blake!  He does CrossFit and knows I am a baby Crossfitter (CrossFetus?) .  Plus, it will give us a nice chance to bond.  Before we hit family status, he needs to know certain things.  Like when I do ANYTHING, I sweat excessively.  I went to a work party on Saturday where there was dancing.  I honestly think one of the MDs I work for was concerned for my health.  I was sweaty.  Welcome to the family Blake!
Yep. That’s about right. I’m REAL sweaty.
  • I am also grateful for my nursing classmates.  Especially the dudes.  This year, my classmate Scott guided me in finding a Christmas gift for my BF that he may actually enjoy.  The gift I got him last year is still in the box in the closet…  It was a mylar shark balloon that you can steer with a remote control.  I may have gotten it more for me than him.  Before talking to Scott, my go-to present for the BF was a functional keyboard tie.  I have a feeling he will be much happier with what I ended up with…

Alright.  I guess I had better study already.  That is the perk of working hard though!  I have studied hard all semester – so now, even though my final is worth 25% of my grade, I only need a 30% or higher to pass the class!  Of course, I want a good grade, but knowing that kind of takes the pressure off.





The Fall semester is winding down and although I should be focused on reviewing, my mind is fixed on other things.

Specifically these songs / music videos.




I’m dancin’ are you?