24. write a gratitude journal, update frequently

Good morning! Or afternoon! Or night! Whenever you happen to be reading this.

I mention gratitude pretty frequently here, mainly because it has become critical part of my day to day life.


Gratitude is a powerful force, it is able to pull me out of pity and reveal to me that I do, in fact, love my life.  We are all human, (unless you are a primate, participating – probably unwillingly – in some internet training experiment, in which case, welcome friend.  And thank you for your contribution to science).  Anyways, we are all (most likely) human, and sometimes life gets stressful.

Personally, when I am in a period of stress and strife, my perspective is tunnel-visioned on the negative.  I see what is wrong, what I need to do, what other people are doing wrong (oy – I’m eye rolling myself on this)…all in all, it is a very skewed vision of my life and of reality.

Taking a moment to take inventory of some things I am grateful for, helps open my eyes to my actual reality.  And nearly 100% of the time, I feel revived and my time spent in the pity pot is cut short.

So, when I made my 30 before 30 list, I knew gratitude had a place on it.

I wanted a gratitude journal.  I had heard of this before by some very wise friends of mine.  It is a small journal, where I can randomly jot down things I am grateful for.  During a difficult day, I can look back and read some of my entries.  It sounded like a pretty wonderful thing to have.


Awhile back, I won a prize package from one of my favorite artists, Leigh Standley of Curly Girl Design.  She creates her pieces by hand, then works with production and distribution companies to have them translated into products like cards, journals, wall hangings, etc.

One of the journals included in my happy little prize was just the ticket!


I have mainly kept it on my nightstand.  I usually update it a few times during the week, writing in a couple of entries at a time before hitting the sack.

They are mainly simple things like, “The smell of summer coming,” and, “Clean water.”

Many of them are about the people in my life, about the little things they do that I love and appreciate.  Great hugs, play with Zo, give encouragement, singing to Wilson Phillips.  It is filled with love.

I am sure that many of this little blips of memories would be washed out of my mind had I not written them down.  It is nice to read back and remember the small moments that bring me so much joy.

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