Sick Day.

I am sick. Bleeeeeh.  That is my sick sound.

And since I am achey and stuck on the sofa (or my bed or maaaybe my cozy desk chair), I thought I would blog about my sick routine.


When I am sick, I REST.  I think this is the most important part of healing for me.  When I get sick, it is really predictable. Personally, I find it comes after a really busy and stressful time.  I don’t sleep as much as I should, I am stressed out with this and that, I don’t work out regularly, and my meals are not balanced.  This all ends up in a big cold.


I also use the Neti-Pot, at least twice a day.  This is a must for me.  I usually just get the common cold – the Rhinovirus – so I feel congested and my sinuses feel super swollen.  This clears it out and helps me breath – aaah oxygen!

Showering and cleaning happen too.  I find that if I am cleaned up, it is easier for me to not feel down in the dumps.  The steam from the shower helps soothe my achey airways and I feel like I am priming my system for healing!  Plus, no one wants to sleep in sheets that you’ve just coughed / sneezed all over.  Gross.



I love coffee.  I love coffee every day.  But I especially love it when I am sick.  I find that the hot acidity of it really soothes an itchy / uncomfortable throat. If I drink enough to make my blood feel electric, it distracts me away from the muscle aches.  I also drink a lot of OJ and a lot of water.  I live in a desert, hydration is a MUST!


A habit I got from my mom is getting in the sunshine.  She told me once that when she was a kiddo, she would try to get some sunshine on her face when she didn’t feel well.  I do the same thing today.  That usually just means sitting in my backyard for ten minutes at a time.  Soaking in the sunshine makes my body, mind, and soul feel better, holistically healing 😉 .  PS Florence Nightingale felt the same way!

I also tend to avoid any cough suppressants.  Most common products (any -quils out there) just make me feel drugged up and prolong whatever cold I have.  No good. I favor expectorants like Mucinex to get stuff up and OUT, vitamins, and that sweet menthol-scented Vick’s Vapo-Rub.

Now of course, if you are sick, the best thing you should do is take care of yourself and see your doctor when needed – none of the stuff I have mentioned above is professional opinion AT ALL!  These are just simple things that help me feel better faster.  And since I am stuck on the couch, I thought I would share it 🙂

I hope you feel well, have a beautiful day, and enjoy some sunshine.