What finishing Nursing School feels like…

Sunshine, dancing, smiles, puppy cuddles, joy, gratitude.

My heart is full right now.

Yesterday was my final day of my nursing program.  All that is left is an award’s ceremony, my Pinning ceremony (which is a special nursing graduation), then take my licensing exam sometime in June!


It feels like just yesterday I was sitting in my nursing program’s new student orientation.  I thought about all of the reasons why I could NEVER do this.  Why I would surely fail.  What my plan D would be, since obviously A, B, and C were going into the toilet.  I struggled with believing in myself, but thankfully I didn’t need to.

I didn’t need to believe in myself every second because I had help.  Most importantly, I have had God.  From the moment I thought about doing this HUGE CHANGE (I have a degree in Journalism people), I prayed about it.  I asked for guidance and support.  I prayed that God’s will would be done in my life and I prayed that I would be guided to do what I am supposed to.

I spent dozens of mornings sitting in my car, ready to walk into an exam or the hospital for a clinical rotation.  I would get there early to have a quiet moment to myself.  These few minutes let me breathe, pray, be grateful, and ask for guidance and help.  I asked that God stay with me, with my patients, and that I would be the best Courtney I could be.  I am so grateful.


I also had you rooting for me.  Each time my self doubt popped up, I had people surrounding me with love and support.  When I didn’t believe in myself, I leaned on the belief in me from family and friends.  I could borrow their faith in me that I could do this.  And I did.

I think it took a village to raise this nursing student.  I am the sum total of all the countless hugs, kind words, and unconditional love I have received up to this point.  I can only hope to share the same kindness and compassion with my patients, that has been given to me.

Three years ago I decided to do this.  I had the tiniest piece of my heart telling me I should go for it.  Each time I tried to do anything else, it was hard.  It was torture to even think about working in another field.  I kept coming back to nursing and I finally acted on it.  I am so glad I listened to my heart.  I am so grateful to be where I am today, to have stayed true to myself, and to get to live the results of my hard work.


I know that starting in this profession will be another challenge; each day will be full of fast-paced learning and immense responsibility.  But I know I can do it.  I have God, my loved ones, and myself.  I can just take each day, one at a time, pray and do my best.


But for now, I’m going to celebrate.



6 thoughts on “What finishing Nursing School feels like…

  1. Dancing, smiles, and piles of puppies for sure!!! Time for life’s next chapter to begin! Please oh please wear the above attire on your first day of work. Tutu > scrubs.

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