my dad

Because of my Dad I have webbed toes.  Two webbed on each foot, just like him.

Because of my Dad I love camping.  Being outside makes me feel more free and more myself.

Because of my Dad I bargain hunt.  I love looking into the clearance shelves and trying to find something cool. One time I found a microwave.

Because of my Dad I try to have empathy for people I don’t know.  Some people aren’t forthcoming with their histories and that’s okay.

Because of my Dad I believe in second, third, and fourth chances.  If something is worth it, it is worth going back for.

My Dad and I drink coffee the same (excessively) we play BananaGrams the same (competitively) and we love each other the same (a lot).  Of course I get frustrated with him.  I tell him things like ‘get to the point’ and ‘ugh’.  But I love him and I am glad that he’s my Dad.