25. be in a flash mob

25.  be in a flash mob.

For this task, I couldn’t just wait around and expect someone to put something together, so I took matters into my own hands!

The truth is, I had been thinking about this one for a long time.  I would drive to my nursing courses and a song would come onto the radio…and off my mind would wander.  I dreamt about our pinning ceremony (nursing graduation) and a speech that turns into something more, something unexpected.

I kept this to myself for a while, then jokingly brought it up to some of my friends in class.  “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if we suddenly broke into dance during pinning???”

And to my surprise, they locked eyes with me, and said, “Oh my gosh, we have to do that.”

And so it began.

It became the pet project of my friend Danielle and I.  We slowly took it to various classmates and pitched it to them.  We wanted to make our pinning FUN, a true celebration of all of our hard work.

We were amazed at how many people were into it.  We were amazed at how well our classmates could dance.  We were amazed at how much flippin’ fun we had.

Danielle and I pitched song ideas to a group of enthused classmates and settled on “The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats.  Yeah.  Awesome.

We dedicated three days to choreographing it.  We sought out moves from YouTube, Danielle’s zumba class, and our own freestylin’ ways.

For MONTHS, we secretly met at a park and practiced.  We set standing practice times for people to show up, and you know what? They did.

Our classmates rocked!  They worked so hard to get it down.  We collaborated with the engineering and sound department of the school to arrange the music and we were ready.

The main challenge became figuring out when to do it during the ceremony.  The nursing faculty had a tight grip on things.  We ended up signing me up to give a speech, wrote a brief intro to it, and added in a cue for everyone to take their place.

We titled it: Doing the Safety Dance: Improving Outcomes and Finding your Rhythm

Bahaha.  We thought it was hilarious.

When the time came, we did awesome.  No one had a clue what was going on.  The staff, our families, and the audience was surprised.  We had so much fun.

And to top it off, our classmate Mary got us all yellow “high falls risk” socks to wear during the dance.  If you’ve ever been in or worked in a hospital, you know patients wearing yellow socks are considered a high falls risk.  It is a little sign for staff to keep an extra eye out to ensure their safety.  So it was only appropriate that we all wore them during our safety dance.

So here it is!  In case the video doesn’t load here, HERE is the link to the YouTube video my friend Greg posted.

I am still amazed we did it all and pulled it off. What a celebration.  I am so grateful to have been in such an incredible nursing class.   Rockstars, all of them.

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