My 30 before 30.

Happy Tuesday fellow Adventurers!

Surprising to no one, it turns out that 25 year old Courtney had a different focus than current Courtney (28, also known as baller-ass Courtney) (ok, maybe that isn’t an official nickname, or like, a nickname at all, but still, I’m pretty proud of the Courtney I am today, so baller-ass it is!)

Sorry.  Tangent.

My point is, as I look at my 30 before 30 list, I see many that I just don’t care about.  I feel like as each year adds on to my earthly experience, I grow more comfortable with my mercurial way of life.  I used to berate myself for changing interests and focus so often.  “Why aren’t I like SO GOOD at running?” OR “Why don’t I buckle down and obsess over crocheting until I am THE BEST EVER!?”

The fact is, I am a very curious person and I like that about myself.  That means that I have many interests.  I love trying new things and as time goes by, I am less and less intimidated to do so.  So yes, sometimes I walk away from certain activities that I have started (ahem, crossfit, crocheting, clubs), BUT I know that the things I continue to do and continue to participate in, I LOVE (yoga, writing, acupuncture, cashew butter….)

And in the mean time, I get to explore this beautiful, diverse world and dip my toes into the waters of new experiences.

So yeah, I have a lot in my hobby graveyard, but I also am confident that I am open-minded.  I am getting more comfortable saying yes and trying stuff out.  Someone’s got to put the adventure in CourtneyLand, right?

Getting back to my 30 before 30.  Well, I’m going to edit that sucker! Yep, and I’m not going to feel bad about it.

If you have any ideas of stuff to tack on there, I am open to suggestions!

Big hugs,

Courtney ❤

Sunday Morning Gratitude

Good Morning Adventurers!

I have been thinking of this little corner of the internet lately and thought it high time I reunite with writing.  What better way to restart than with a good ‘ole Sunday Morning Gratitude list!

1.  Sundays.  I work many weekends, but I am off this Sunday and it is so nice!  It is sunny and beautiful.  I love the peace of the morning, where my day is full of the potential of all of the things I may do.   I may not do them all (in fact probably not most), but I love just sitting in the possibility.


2.  Springtime birds.  I love waking up to the sound of birds singing.  Where my Dad lived growing up, there were a ton of birds, and their little songs just bring me back to peaceful, carefree mornings.

3.  Cashew Butter.  This stuff man.  So good.  I like the Trader Joe’s salted cashew butter and Once Again organic cashew butter.  They both taste so dreamy! Here is the link for the Once Again kind on Amazon

4. Family time.  Whether its face to face or FaceTime, I love it.  It is grounding and loving.

5. YouTube.  I have been getting hooked on silly YouTube videos lately.  Beauty guides, product reviews, random chit chat.  I swear, how did I not know about this stuff?! I think I’m going to do another post about my favorite channels to watch.

6. Fun friend time. I have had some pretty lovely adventures with my girlfriends the past two months, here is a little window of the glamour that ensued…


Classy. I know.  But how can you not do a fart pose with a smoke bomb?!?!

7. School!  Specifically the statistics class I am in right now.  After working full time for a couple of years, it is refreshing to be in the more black and white world of a classroom.  Working hard leads to clear results of a good grade.  The professional world is much more mercurial than that.  Often times, we are working for the long game, hoping that the effort we put in will lead to positive results way down the road.  Yes, there are many aspects of nursing that are more immediately gratifying, but there is something simple and nice about getting a clear cut good grade on something.  Ahhh, nerdiness.  Plus, what an amazing gift it is that I CAN go to school.  I have access to education, resources to pursue it, the ability to follow through.  I can walk to school and succeed without persecution, without fearing my personal safety, and confident that the only thing that stands between me and my education is myself.  That is a HUGE blessing and gift in my opinion.

8. Sweet Zo.  This girl.  She is just a constant bundle of love.  I will never stop being grateful for her.

I’m stopping at eight today, even though the amount of things I am grateful for is truly infinite.  As infinite as my possibilities for this beautiful day.  Maybe yoga? Maybe Trader Joe’s? Maybe a second cup of coffee?!!?!

Happy Sunday friends

❤ Courtney