Sunday Morning Gratitude

God bless Sundays.  They are so beautiful.

Here is a little list of joy I’m experiencing.  I hope you all are filled with love and contentment too.

  1.  waking up to puppy kisses (and digging and jumping and attempts at reaching my brain via my nose with her crazy long puppy tongue 😆
  2. the 52 lists project by Moorea Seal.  a lovely friend got this for me and it is rocking my list-loving world
  3. snowfall.  does anything else feel more peaceful?  well.  maybe not if you run a snowplow business or you are in active labor and need to high tail it to the hospital or you have a white cat who likes to escape.
  4. delicious frittata!  the word frittata #1 sounds silly (tata, hello), but #2 also kind of sounds fancy as hell.  and I made one! and it was delicious!
  5. tech-savvy boyfriend. we are now connected with an apple music family plan and it is awesome!  I can listen to this song on repeat now, thank goodness                         
  6. games.  not the high school “I dont play games” relationship tag line (spoiler alert, anyone that says that is lying, we are all super crazy) (also, while on this topic..kind of… whenever someone says “I don’t like drama, if you are about drama, stay away” you KNOW that person is more dramatic than the Phantom of the Opera, and that is DRAMA!)  (also, if a girl says something like “I just dont get along with other girls, I’m just usually one of the boys” just know that she crazy.  having girlfriends is one of the best things about being a girl, it is pure joy.  it is like someone saying “I just don’t like laughing until my stomach hurts, I prefer to be constantly stern”  would you relate to that person?  if so, LEAVE THIS BLOG RIGHT NOW! WHO DOESN’T LOVE LAUGHING UNTIL THEIR STOMACH HURTS?!?!).                                                                     …..Ahem.  ….anyways.  games are great.  we had a double date game brunch yesterday (so many stereotypes being played into i know, but you know it was straight up wonderful).  we played FunEmployed – the BEST!  you know when you play Cards Againsts Humanity so many times it just isn’t that funny anymore?  this is the perfect next game.  it is silly and up to each person to tell the story of what their cards mean, so it is everchanging in a way that CAH isn’t.
  7. travel plans.  making travel plans, or even just thinking of making travel plans is soooo fun.  there are endless dreams to be pursued and adventures to explore.  just thinking about it makes my heart a little fluttery
  8. Autocorrect.  oh man. this can give me a real giggle.  imagine if we just didn’t correct autocorrect.  madness.
  9. school.  now imma be real real rightaboutnow.  I just about have CONSTANT access to further education.  I can think of 10-20 different ways I can access education or learn something new.  BUT do you think I am always so psyched to do so? nope.  instead, I am looking at all of the new things I can use the internet for (mewgaroo hoodie oggling for example).  but when I sit back and think about it, what a huge gift and a blessing is it that not only I can choose to pursue education, but I am supported by system after system in my life (employer tuition reimbursement, access to financial aid, present faculty members, encouraging friends and family, a society that supports this idea).  those are pretty big deals.  now I know that the big thing now is to be like “I stand with Malala.”  and I do.  but i think i need to also SIT with Malala.  I need to sit, study, and take advantage of what has been (undeservedly) given to me.  I need to use my gifts to help others and make the world a better place.  so I’m going to #standwithmalala #sitwithmalala and #studywithmalala BOOM. gimme dat highlighter, i am ready!
  10. coffee.  because we all know this stuff is not getting done without it.



So for anyone who enjoys reading this, I apologize for my absence from the internet.  I love writing and I have found this blog a joyful sanctuary to explore my mind and my thoughts.

However, a few months ago that changed.

I know the internet can be a wonderful place where people can bond over rare, shared experiences.  We can connect, research, learn, and explore.  The vastness of information and ability at our fingertips is a huge gift, but this is a gift that comes with responsibility.

We must remember that we are all still humans here.  We are fragile, faulty, vulnerable humans.  When we write things, it is another person reading it.  Another person with feelings and a life with unknown struggles.

I have been trolled by someone who knows a family member of mine.  This person found my facebook/twitter/blog/everything and has attempted to contact me and has sent me hurtful messages (about issues that I am not involved in).

So I did what I thought best and I avoided it.  That is a strategy that I learned a long time ago.

  • Is it scary? Avoid it!
  • Is it uncomfortable?  Avoid it!
  • Is it out of my control? Avoid it!

Now, while this at times, was an ohhkay survival mechanism.  It is most certainly not a healthy approach at life.  It is not a good reason for me to avoid doing something I love and that brings me happiness.  Because a lot of times when I am avoiding those scary uncomfortable things, I am, in turn, avoiding joy.  And that’s only cheating myself.

So, I’m going to do something differently.  I’m not going to avoid this, I am going to just keep the focus on me.  This blog is for me and I am going to keep it that way.

My friends, as we continue journeying through 2016, let’s be joyful.  Let’s focus on what matters – being kind and loving to those around us.  The only way I can do that is by keeping the focus on me.  What is my attitude like, what is my behavior like?  I cannot control others, I can just control how I react to them.

Today, I choose to participate in the things I love doing.  I choose to focus on me, and to be kind and loving to those around me.