Sunday Morning Gratitude

There is no denying it.  I live a blessed life.  Somehow though, I find ways to forget this fact and sit on the pity pot from time to time.  To combat this poopy perspective, I am reinstating…


Did you all read that in an omnipresent, echoey voice?  That’s how it was intended.


Anyways.  Here we go.

  • Sunshine!  Goodness gracious I’m glad Spring is back!  As I get older, time simultaneously seems to move faster, but seasons seem further away.  It truly makes no sense at all… Also, I tend to look glorious in the beaming light.
what an angel.
    • My little fur-maniacs.  These ladies would carry me out of bed if they had the strength.  Instead, they pull at the covers, lick my face, bark at me, and paw at my pillow until I get up to take them out.  Although this can be quite an annoying way to begin a day; it makes me get up and outside.  I immediately feel better with some fresh air and getting to see their happy tails wagging on our walk.
they mean business.
  • Healthy eating.  I’ve been much more mindful about my eating in the past few months and it has made an enormous difference in how I feel.  This is an obvious connection I know, but still it is easy for me to forget how good it feels to feel good.
putting the ‘rock’ back in rocket.
  • My hubs.  I didn’t expect marriage to feel any different, especially since we’d been together for 8 years. But man, its wonderful.  I often sit back and think how did I get so lucky?  Me? Cranky, stinky, odd me? The support, love, and laughter this guy brings into each day is amazing.
i stalk him like paparazzi.
  • Sandal weather.  Yes this goes along with sunshine, but I am so happy to bust out my Birks! I have already begun crafting perfectly styled outfits with them. Example below.
watch out Vogue.

That’s all for this week.  I am grateful of SO much more, but one can only spend so much time on a computer during a lovely Sunday.  Plus a shower is now waaaay overdue.



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