Happy Halloween!

Here’s a little tune to get you in a spooooky mood!

I’m tucked inside finishing some schoolwork, but I won’t let that get me down!

So I am reading about renal failure and waiting for those Trick or Treaters! I love Halloween!  One day I want to have a SUPER scary house where I can do a lot of makeup and sit outside so it looks like I am a statue or some other decoration, then JUMP OUT and scare the kids.

Ah, dreams.

Happy Halloween and to the luck few of you that live in Nevada – HAPPY NEVADA DAY!!! HOO-RAH BATTLE BORN!!!!!

How to live a more majestic life….

Here at Adventures in CourtneyLand, we (I) aim to enrich the lives of our (my) readers with every post.

[note: I don’t know why I like the plural form when discussing my blog…maybe I will list Zoey as a co-contributor.]

Today’s post focuses on living more majestically.  You too can live a magical, glittering, majestic life, with only ONE QUICK STEP!!!

Be a unicorn for a day.

Look at that! One step and I’m majestic!!!

Its a dream come true really.


Friends.  I am obsessed.

I am currently in love with Teardrop Trailers.  This is an all-consuming love.  They are all I think about… I have stopped hanging out with friends because I don’t want to spend my time away from the trailers… I just sit and daydream about me and the trailers and the mountains and the open road…aaaahh, serenity.

For those of you who do not know, these lil’ babays have been around for a long time.  See evidence below.

See? That’s a pretty old photo.

What is special about these guys, is that throughout the Teardrop history, people have been customizing them.  They have never really been a trailer you just buy and use.  Teardrop connoisseurs have built them themselves or refurbished them according to personal preference and style.  They are unique, portable, and pretty adorable.

For the camping fans out there, they are small enough to fit into small sites.  Size restrictions be damned!  These little guys can do it all.

They have a cozy bed inside, storage available for clothing (so not bulky bags needed); the hatchback usually opens to a small cooking area where one can install or store a camping stove and supplies (utensils, cooking gear).  They are small, but organized and mighty.

Look at this guy.  He’s lovin’ it.


Personally, I love the wood-paneled ones.  They are so beautiful.  I imagine myself and sweet Zoey cruisin’ through the forest with one.  Just seeking out the perfect little spot to set up camp.

I’m thinking that getting and finishing one of these may be on my future “Forty before Forty” list.

Until then, I’ll just keep dreaming of them.

❤ Happy Sunday!


Happy Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful and soulful Mama, Merri.

My mama is an amazing lady who raised up these two little sassafrasses:

I love my mom, she listens and supports me.  She has faith in me to make my own decisions and just loves me along the way.  She is a continual source of love and sunshine in my life.  She is always teaching me (and reteaching me) to be myself and to let my light shine – just as she does.

I am so grateful to have her as my Mama.   She is incredible and I hope she has a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day.  (She’s in Florida working at the Player’s Tournament – because she’s awesome).

I love you Mamacita! Have a beautiful day!

What did I tell you – a couple of little sassafrasses.


In one week, I will be officially done with my first year of nursing school.  This means that in the next four days I have to take a couple of beastly cumulative finals that can make or break my grades…  So what I am doin’ about it?!  Making an indoor succulent garden of course!!!

You see, likely non-existent blog reader, I work super hard for the entire semester.  By the time finals come around, I am burnt out.  My learning capacity has been maxed out temporarily and I need a break.

Last semester, I was so burnt out I got real sick then camped out in front of the Hallmark Channel watching Christmas specials as I made an excessive amount of decorative paper chains….

Like I said, an excessive amount of paper chains…

This semester, my mind has moved from holiday cheer to sunshine and summer.  So this morning, in leu of putting my nose to the grindstone, I went to Lowe’s.

Inspired by this post on the blog – A Beautiful Mess, I decided to bring some greenery into my bedroom.

I settled on repotting a Christmas Cactus – gifted to me from my nursing mentor Betty, planting a leafy indoor plant, and making a small, succulent garden.

The entire process was much easier than I anticipated.  I’m not sure why I thought it would be difficult…but it wasn’t.

Look at those little beauties!  Succulents are the perfect starter garden for horticulturally-challenged individuals.  They don’t require much watering, just once a week or so.  They enjoy a sunny window, so no need to worry about frying their little leaves.  They also love each other and are happy to share an 8″ pot!

I used a special soil for cacti and succulents that doesn’t hold water, so the dry-loving plants don’t drown when someone may or may not forgets to water them for two months and tries to compensate by dumping 1 gallon of water into their tiny pots at once….but who would do such a thing?

I used the same soil for my non-cactus/succulent plant as well.  To protect that plant from overdrying, I just popped a coffee filter into the bottom of the pot.

Succulent shopping is great since you can get some serious bang for your buck.  Each little one was only $2, so I got four.  I tried to get ones with different heights, colors, and textures to make it more interesting.

I wanted a big, leafy plant to join my happy little succulent bunch, so I settled on an Umbrella Tree.

I chose the Umbrella Tree for several reasons:

  1. Its big and leafy
  2. The name is adorable
  3. I loved the TV show “Under the Umbrella Tree” and hope that one day, mine will grow so large that myself and some happy, muppet friends may live together beneath its branches.

But for now, it is just a baby.

The whole project only took me like 7 hours complete.  1 hour to wander around Lowe’s.  30 mins to pot and repot my plants. 5 and a half hours to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.  Altogether, it was lovely.

Aaaand I got to buy this super cute watering can.

My indoor garden is now settled happily by a sunny window.  The room looks and smells fresher with the plants in it and my brain got a nice break on this beautiful Sunday.

I hope you have had a nice day as well.  If not, start it over.  Say a prayer.  Get a succulent.

14. donate blood

Check check, checkity check.

I am checking off my first item on my 30 before 30 list!  It is numero 14.  Donate Blood.

Now, I have always wanted to donate blood (well, not always.  I mean, I wasn’t like a 4 year old dreaming of blood donation, but still the desire to do it has been around a while).  I have also always been pretty skittish when thinking about it.  I knew it was a good thing to do, that it would be easy and that it wouldn’t be as bad as I thought.  Buuut, I also knew that each time I really thought about it I would get shaky, my hands would become uncomfortably moist (uncomfortable for me and anyone around me sharing pens/doorknobs/gloves/etc.) and all of the blood in my arms would shunt into my torso out of sheer terror.

Pretty ridiculous, right?  I thought about it and I have been under general anesthesia five times!  Then, three of those were also multiple night hospital stays.  So I have had IVs before.  I’ve had tons of blood drawn! (Not literally, that would be horrifying if a TON of blood was taken…..and impossible…i think?)  Anyways, my point is, needle sticks aren’t new, but still, I was nervous.

I kept hearing about this large, annual blood drive the local radio stations put on with United Blood Services.  It sounded pretty awesome.  There would be food, prizes, raffles, a photobooth…. Awesome.  And especially awesome if you are a lady on a tight budget like myself.  And of course, apart from all of the recreational reasons, I would be doing something good, something that would help not just one other person, but three.

So I did it.  I was still nervous, so I asked for help.  I put the call out to some friends and had so much support!  As silly as I felt telling people how nervous I was, it was true.  When I was honest about my feelings, friends told me about their experiences, both positive and negative.  Then two others joined me the day of to participate.  One friend has already donated over ten gallons of blood!!! Holy moly!  It was so comforting being with a pro.  My other friend was a newbie like me, but much less nervous.  She stayed by me, distracting me while I pretended that I didn’t have a left arm and didn’t want to look to my left and didn’t think that anything existed on the left side of me anyways so why would I even want to look over there?!?!?!

I may have been a little dramatic….or silly.

Anyways, the happy chat was great and in 9 minutes, my pint bag was a STUFFED with my happy, healing blood and I was free to enjoy some super kickass refreshments.  I’m not talking about just juice and cookies here.  There were sandwiches from local delis, bagels and schmear from Einstein’s and the tastiest mini buttermilk bars ever!  My friends and I snacked and then took a photo in the photobooth to commemorate the occasion.

So I have to say, not only were my friends great, but the pro’s at United Blood Services were awesome.  They were all cheerful and funny.  I ran into three friends who all work there.  They encouraged me some more and we got to joke around.  The guy that inserted my needle and tube was crazy good!  Seriously.  I barely felt the needle prick my skin and in like 12 seconds I was taped and donating away!

I will absolutely donate again.  It was such a positive experience, made better by good friends and skilled phlebotomists.

My actual reaction!!!

I am thrilled to kick off this 30 before 30 experience with this!  It was just something small, but was scary for me and it feels great to take that first step.  So that’s how I’ll do it, just one step at a time.