What gray days are for

Today is a gray day.

There is a thick cloudy layer, floating above Reno and I am enjoying it.  Black coffee is so much more satisfying and cozy during a little rain.  Or during sunshine.  Or snow.  Or hail.  Or anytime because coffee, black or otherwise, is freakin’ amazing!!!!

Maybe I will limit myself to one cup today…

As usual around finals time, my mind begins to wander more easily.  So-this post may seem a bit random, some gratitude / some reflection.  We’ll see where it goes, shall we?  Well…I will see where it goes, you may or may not continue to read it depending.  I will try to input fun stuff from the internet throughout to keep it interesting.

That video is my dream future.

Hm, let’s start with gratitude.  I’ve been late on a lot of my Sunday posts, but I am still one grateful lady.

  • The past few weeks, I have been woken up several times by the wind.  It was a’hooowlin!  It came with icy temperatures, rain, and freezing fog.  And I rode out each storm in bed.  With the heat on.  With a roof over my head.  My home is sturdy and we were kept protected and warm.  What a gift!  But each time I woke up, my mind moved to all of those people who don’t have homes. There are a LOT of people without permanent homes today.  Particularly in Nevada.  At the same time, I am grateful for proactive people in our community who work to be a part of the solution, like my friend Sean.  Read about his work to keep people warm here:  Big Reno Coat Drive.   I put a video below done by current students at the Orvis School of Nursing – Go fellow nursing students!!!  It is worth your time to watch.
  • I am grateful for my family.  They are funny and kind and crazy and wonderful.  I had some Padre / Bubba time yesterday and have been relishing all of the time I get to spend with my Mom since she has moved back in town.  AND – I will be visiting San Diego next week!!! To have some much-needed SeaStar time.  I can’t wait.  Aaand, I am going to workout with her fiancé Blake!  He does CrossFit and knows I am a baby Crossfitter (CrossFetus?) .  Plus, it will give us a nice chance to bond.  Before we hit family status, he needs to know certain things.  Like when I do ANYTHING, I sweat excessively.  I went to a work party on Saturday where there was dancing.  I honestly think one of the MDs I work for was concerned for my health.  I was sweaty.  Welcome to the family Blake!
Yep. That’s about right. I’m REAL sweaty.
  • I am also grateful for my nursing classmates.  Especially the dudes.  This year, my classmate Scott guided me in finding a Christmas gift for my BF that he may actually enjoy.  The gift I got him last year is still in the box in the closet…  It was a mylar shark balloon that you can steer with a remote control.  I may have gotten it more for me than him.  Before talking to Scott, my go-to present for the BF was a functional keyboard tie.  I have a feeling he will be much happier with what I ended up with…

Alright.  I guess I had better study already.  That is the perk of working hard though!  I have studied hard all semester – so now, even though my final is worth 25% of my grade, I only need a 30% or higher to pass the class!  Of course, I want a good grade, but knowing that kind of takes the pressure off.




Sunday Gratitude

Good Morning friends!

I am parked on my sofa, sipping my coffee, and watching the tail end of Finding Nemo.  Holy moly, am I filled with gratitude.

These past couple of days have been filled to the brim with family and loved ones.  After spending time with these wonderful people, I wake up with a light heart and a smile.

Here are a few of the things I am oh-so-grateful for today:

  • Friends and Family!  I have gotten to spend time with some friends lately who I hadn’t previously seen in months-years!  It has been so good.  I forgot how seriously funny, smart, and entertaining these particular women are.  After an evening with them, my voice is hoarse from laughing so much.  AND we get to dust off the good ‘ole sorority pose when we take a group photo:


  • Pixar movies: Pixar recently came out with their short films, version 2.  If you want to watch some well-made, heartwarming cartoons, download / pick it up pronto!  The BF and I watched a few before hitting the sack last night.  They are so good!
  • A warm home and food to eat.  These cold nights remind me how blessed I am to have a roof over my head.  I am in school, have regular income, and have a promising, upcoming job search.  That is a big deal these days and I am so thankful for these opportunities.


I hope you have a great Sunday.  Mine will be stuffed with studying, groceries, tutoring, and cooking.  Pretty awesome.

Henry the VIII, Kokomo, and a Hippo

I love life!

Driving home from my CrossFit class, I encountered a few simple pleasures I have to share about.

The first is this song…this song right here!!!

I love any song I can instantly sing along to!  Especially when my windows are down!

The next was a rock that looked like a hippo. Since I am such a responsible driver, I did not take a photo.  I tried to find a photo online that fits, but none of them do.  Instead I browed photos of baby  hippos for like twenty minutes.  OhmygoshIreallywantababyhippoitandzoeycouldbebestfriends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whaaaat?!?!?! So cute.  So just picture that in a rock and that’s what I saw.

Then, this song came on the radio!!!

And I SAAANG and DAAANCED and drove because I was still on my drive home…  Whilst enjoying this song, I remembered a wonderful remix of it one of my ***ALL TIME FAVORITE*** bands did a while back, so I will share that with you too…

Man, that lead singer is dreamy.

And now since I am just playing on the internet and checking out the Muppets online, here is this:


Eventually I made it home, where I was greeted by this LITTLE MONSTER!!!


She’s got a biiiig head and leeetle arms!  She’s a T-Rex!!!!!  Do you know what it means when my BF gets more outfits for Zo than I do?

It means my BF is FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!  Zoey was a T-Rex in another lifetime.  She is ferocious, but is deceived by her size!  If she was larger, she would rule us all!!!!


I think I want to take up Steel Drumming.

Love & Housecleaning.

How do you know when you have a tolerant boyfriend?

I think I found out last night.

I watched the documentary Miss Representation [it was INCREDIBLE!!!] last night when I got home.  I finished the movie around eleven pm, caught a second wind and decided I wanted, no needed to clean my room.  

So I, a very determined and proud-feeling, female warrior, marched into the bedroom and declared my intentions to vacuum [ok ok this is not a very female warrior activity to do, but tidiness just feels goooood].  

My bf, who had just finished a long week at work, was going to bed.  He was puzzled why someone would want to clean at eleven pm.  He also seemed very sleepy.  

So I responded in a very empowered manner, bound and determined to get my way and go to sleep in a spic and span bedroom.

Now, at this point, should the roles have been reversed, I am positive I would have hidden the vacuum from him, called him a nutball and gone to bed.

This is when I realized I have a tolerant bf.
What did he do?

He just took his pillow and napped on the sofa until I was done [which turned out to be like an hour and a half later…. I got a third wind and dusted everything I could see.]

Yes indeed.  I have a tolerant boyfriend.  And a clean room.  

I love them both.