Love & Housecleaning.

How do you know when you have a tolerant boyfriend?

I think I found out last night.

I watched the documentary Miss Representation [it was INCREDIBLE!!!] last night when I got home.  I finished the movie around eleven pm, caught a second wind and decided I wanted, no needed to clean my room.  

So I, a very determined and proud-feeling, female warrior, marched into the bedroom and declared my intentions to vacuum [ok ok this is not a very female warrior activity to do, but tidiness just feels goooood].  

My bf, who had just finished a long week at work, was going to bed.  He was puzzled why someone would want to clean at eleven pm.  He also seemed very sleepy.  

So I responded in a very empowered manner, bound and determined to get my way and go to sleep in a spic and span bedroom.

Now, at this point, should the roles have been reversed, I am positive I would have hidden the vacuum from him, called him a nutball and gone to bed.

This is when I realized I have a tolerant bf.
What did he do?

He just took his pillow and napped on the sofa until I was done [which turned out to be like an hour and a half later…. I got a third wind and dusted everything I could see.]

Yes indeed.  I have a tolerant boyfriend.  And a clean room.  

I love them both.