My 30 before 30.

Happy Tuesday fellow Adventurers!

Surprising to no one, it turns out that 25 year old Courtney had a different focus than current Courtney (28, also known as baller-ass Courtney) (ok, maybe that isn’t an official nickname, or like, a nickname at all, but still, I’m pretty proud of the Courtney I am today, so baller-ass it is!)

Sorry.  Tangent.

My point is, as I look at my 30 before 30 list, I see many that I just don’t care about.  I feel like as each year adds on to my earthly experience, I grow more comfortable with my mercurial way of life.  I used to berate myself for changing interests and focus so often.  “Why aren’t I like SO GOOD at running?” OR “Why don’t I buckle down and obsess over crocheting until I am THE BEST EVER!?”

The fact is, I am a very curious person and I like that about myself.  That means that I have many interests.  I love trying new things and as time goes by, I am less and less intimidated to do so.  So yes, sometimes I walk away from certain activities that I have started (ahem, crossfit, crocheting, clubs), BUT I know that the things I continue to do and continue to participate in, I LOVE (yoga, writing, acupuncture, cashew butter….)

And in the mean time, I get to explore this beautiful, diverse world and dip my toes into the waters of new experiences.

So yeah, I have a lot in my hobby graveyard, but I also am confident that I am open-minded.  I am getting more comfortable saying yes and trying stuff out.  Someone’s got to put the adventure in CourtneyLand, right?

Getting back to my 30 before 30.  Well, I’m going to edit that sucker! Yep, and I’m not going to feel bad about it.

If you have any ideas of stuff to tack on there, I am open to suggestions!

Big hugs,

Courtney ❤


Oh yes I do.  I love food so much, I eat it when I’m not hungry.  I love it so much, I eat it when I see it on TV.  I love it so much, I eat it when I don’t know why I am eating it…

Wait.  That’s not good.

I recently started a new fitness class.  The instructor brought in flyers from the Whole 9 website. The website is run by a couple who know a lot about fitness and nutrition (read about them here). Plus they both look like they just ate a bunch of lightbulbs because they glow so bright!

[okay, weird analogy, but they are beaming.]

Anyways, I read through the handout (this handout) and felt curious.  I also felt skeptical because of all of the promises it contained.  I also felt humored, because I mentally read it in Charlie Day’s voice from the Kitten Mitten video on Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Giggly and doubtful as I was, I decided to try it.  I’ve had headaches, heartburn, abdominal pain, and loads of other annoying stuff going on lately.  I had mostly attributed them to stress, but I needed to face the music, I was not eating well.

So the deal is, its whole food.  No processing, no dairy, no sugar, no alcohol, no grains, no corn, no legumes.  Pretty much meat, vegetables, fruit, and healthy fat.  They discourage snacking and say no to any ‘paleo-fying’ decadent treats.  It sounded hard, but I researched recipes and did a MAJOR grocery store trip.  I even had to buy new spices because the majority of spice blends (seasoning salt, taco seasoning, meat seasonings) contain sugar!

I started Friday 9/14/12 and am on day 4.  I know I know, it may seem like ‘Day 4!?!?! That’s it?’ But I’m going to be honest, it feels like it has been forever.  Mainly because I have cooked SO much.

Don’t get me wrong, I am really enjoying it.  I have loved cooking. I made myself step away from books and the TV and do something with my hands.  I’ve made new things that I wouldn’t normally (sweet potato fritters, cauliflower/carrot mash, almond/herb coated cube steak).  I have planned meals and am actually using all of the food I bought at the store, instead of finding an old eggplant weeks later, decaying in the crisper.

I get kind of sleepy in the afternoons, but I’ve read that is normal and it usually goes away after or around the second week.  Skipping dessert hasn’t been that bad.  I went to an event on Sunday where there was a TON of sweet food.  I went with a full belly and treated myself to some fruit that was there too; so it turned out okay.

I also worried about the snacking thing.  I love snacking.  I usually joke that snacking is a favorite hobby of mine….  But I have noticed that since I am eating more protein in each meal and don’t crash from a boat-load of sugar, I don’t crave snacks like I used to (and it is only day 4!!!!)

What I like about this program is, it isn’t permanent.  Skipping all sugar for my entire life will NOT happen.  But, I can do it for 30 days.  My nursing professor said that it takes 30 days to not only make/break a habit, but also to determine if you really like something.  I have decided to do this for myself, to see how I like it, and to try to break some bad habits that are shadowing me.

So, here I go.  Well, here I continue, I suppose.

Wish me luck friends! ❤